• 6 Ways To Treat Yourself & Stay Happy & Well
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    6 Ways To Treat Yourself & Stay Happy & Well

    As a busy dad and parent, you likely don’t have a lot of extra time on your hands. Therefore, when you do, you should take advantage of it and be kind to yourself. You may not know what you should be doing or how to relax if it’s unfamiliar to you. In this case, learn more about six ways to treat yourself and stay happy and well so you can be your best self and take diligent care of the ones you love. 1. Take A Road Trip with the Guys One way to treat yourself and stay happy and well is to hop in the car and head out…

  • 5 Reasons Every Dad Should Be Taking Daily Vitamins + Supplements
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    5 Reasons Every Dad Should Be Taking Daily Vitamins + Supplements

    You’ve been told time and time again that a healthy lifestyle requires regular exercise, plenty of sleep, and a healthy diet. You know that making some changes to your diet would be good for your health. But you’re a busy dad with a lot on your plate, and it’s no surprise that eating healthy sometimes falls to the back burner. While you could get most of the nutrition you need from your diet, you just don’t have time to scrutinize everything you’re eating every day. And, you need more of certain nutrients when you’re dealing with chronic stress, performing strenuous exercise, when you’re sick, as you age… the list goes…

  • Looking For Gift Ideas for Dad? Peep the Top 10 Gifts for Dad
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    Looking For Gift Ideas for Dad? Peep the Top 10 Gifts for Dad

    Who is the Superhero of your life? Your dad. Right? Dads love us more than anything else and want all the best for us. You know dads are hard to shop for. You may want to buy a gift for your dad on any special day like- father’s day or his birthday to show love to your father and make your dad love you even more than before. It’s really hard to decide which gift can make your dad smile because he deserves best of the bests. We’ve done this task easy for you. We advise you to give a practical gift for fishing or for any other hobby your…

  • These Are Definitely A Daddy's Type Of Sport
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    These Are Definitely A Daddy’s Type Of Sport

    Daddy’s don’t tend to play sports. When a daddy becomes a daddy, the main focus is on staying sane, and staying alive. Nothing can quiet prepare you for the madness of becoming a dad, and you might then wonder how you’re ever going to find the time to also do your own thing, and have your own personal life. Well, we know how immensely important it is for you to have your own personal space, and something that’s going to separate you from the world of being a dad, and allow you an escape. This is just so good for your mental health, and we just know it’s something that…

  • Audio-Loving Dad
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    What’s Next For Audio-Loving Dads?

    These days we dads are used to having our minds blown by technology. We’ve almost been spoiled by the sum total of human creativity and genius which is driving it all. Uber announced this week that they are investing billions into driver-less cars that fly you to work. Oculus, the company behind the virtual reality headset, say that in a couple of years, we’ll be able to live in virtual environments which are every bit as detailed as the real world. And futurists, like Ray Kurzweil, have argued that humanity is about to cure thousands of the diseases which have afflicted it since the dawn of time. What about audio…

  • Money Lessons
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    Money Lessons Dads Can Teach Their Kids Over The Winter Break

    It’s that time of year again folks when financial sanity goes out of the window and we all blow half our income on presents, most of which are useless. Yes, of course, the Christmas season is upon us, and our friends and neighbors are expecting gifts, while our kids are begging for them. For many dads, it can be a trying time, especially if you think the whole thing is a bit of a farce. The good news, though, is that Christmas is an opportunity to teach your children a bit about the value of money. At no other time of the year is the value of money held in…

  • Home Improvement
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    Helpful Home Improvement Tips for the Modern Dad

    We all reach that point where we have to do some home improvements. There are a lot of things we could choose to do in a bid to try to make the home better. Think about what you want to get out of your home. Consider the sorts of home improvements and renovations you could start doing that will benefit the property. Many people all across the country are doing what they can to improve their homes. And you don’t even necessarily need to hire expert builders to help with this. A lot of the stuff you can do yourself as long as you have a little experience. DIY home…

  • Dads Inforgraphic for Black Friday
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    Infographic: Dad’s Black Friday Survival Guide

    Dads. They’re the unsung heroes on Black Friday. They drive packs of kids to and from the mall that day. They wait in parking lots while their wives ransack favorite department stores. They do so much of the work that makes Black Friday possible and get none of the credit. Well, dads of the world, we can’t give you a trophy for your acts of Black Friday selflessness, but we can show you how to make your Black Friday a little bit more enjoyable and a whole lot less stressful. Dad’s Black Friday Survival Guide Created by: Ebates Step 1: Be a Park Shark There are a lot of things…