• What Are the Links Between Anxiety and Depression?
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    What Are the Links Between Anxiety and Depression?

    Are you constantly worried about things? Does it interfere with your ability to do things daily? Are you always feeling “blue” and have a pessimistic outlook? Unfortunately, you aren’t alone. Numerous people suffer from some type of anxiety disorder. In fact, according to the ADAA, anxiety disorders are the most common health issue among adults in the United States. It affects as many as 18.1% of the entire population manually. One of the biggest causes of disability in the country is mood disorders including bipolar disorder and even Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It’s becoming increasingly prevalent to develop depression alongside anxiety or vice versa. Many of those that suffer from…

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    4 Reasons to Hire a Mental Health Specialist in New Mexico

    Are you coping with a major life transition? Have you recently lost someone dear? These are some of the main reasons why individuals decide to see a mental health specialist. While seeing such a professional might seem scary to most people, it’s the first step towards healing. In spite of the still present stigma, individuals are encouraged to ask for assistance. Here are the four major reasons for hiring such a specialist in New Mexico. Worrying too much An important reason for hiring a mental health specialist is worrying too much, which is known as experiencing extreme anxiety. While anxiety symptoms are perfectly normal prior to a job interview or…

  • 4 Unconventional Methods for Coping with Depression
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    4 Unconventional Methods for Coping with Depression

    Depression can be characterized as an inability to derive pleasure out of things in life and a sad and depressed mood for most of the day. This mood disorder has the ability to affect a person’s daily life significantly. It is estimated that around 8.1% of Americans have experienced depression at least once in their life. It is important to deal with symptoms of depression. If you or your loved ones are experiencing any symptoms of depression, it is important to seek treatment right away. Here are some of the best ways to deal with depression. Incorporating coping strategies People who are resilient bounce back from episodes of depression much…

  • 5 Ways to Help Deal with Depression
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    5 Ways to Help Deal with Depression

    Depression is something that millions of peoples are dealing with on an everyday basis. With the change of times, people are putting more of an emphasis on treatment and getting help. When growing up in the late-80s to early 90s this was something no one talked about. As I’ve looked back to my younger years, depression is something that was experienced by myself as a pre-teen. Unfortunately, a knee injury prevented me from playing sports anymore and it was heartbreaking. Seeing all your friends playing through high school and even on the college level hit pretty hard. In those times, I’ll admit that smoking weed was my thing as it…

  • How to Reach Out for Depression Support
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    How to Reach Out for Depression Support

    You need to be looking support for friends and family who make you feel cared for and safe. The person you choose to talk to doesn’t have to fix you; they just have to be good listeners. There will be somebody who will listen to you compassionately and attentively without judging or distracting you.   To speak to a compassionate professional contact us.   Make face-time a priority. Texting, social media and phone calls are all great ways of reaching out and staying in touch, but it doesn’t replace good old-fashioned quality time with a person face to face. Talking to someone in person about your feelings can alleviate depression…