• 4 Variables to Consider Before Building Your Dream Home
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    4 Variables to Consider Before Building Your Dream Home

    Finding a home sometimes feels like finding an ideal partner. You won’t approve of anyone unless you are sure that it gets you ultimately. After all, it’s the place where you unwind and create lasting memories. Fortunately, finding your dream place is not as daunting as finding a date for yourself. A bit of planning and some legwork will help you find a suitable place for yourself. But what should you consider when starting your search? Give Importance to Your Lifestyle Think about what type of life you enjoy the most? Are you an introvert? Or are you someone who hosts parties very often? Are you someone who is intellectually…

  • Be a Hero- Pay It Forward
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    Be A Hero For Someone in Your Community in 2016

    It’s a New Year and that means it’s the perfect time to do good for others. I always say that the best deed is best left unknown. We all know that when we help someone else, it makes us feel good, so no need to tell anyone about our efforts, right? I wanted to share some awesome things you can do in 2016 to help out others. 1. Pay for Someone’s Coffee This is a simple gesture that anyone can do. If you see someone who looks like they could use a pick me up in the form of caffeine, then pay for their coffee. Such a nice gesture and…