• Why Do Fashionable & Practical Men Prefer Tungsten Wedding Bands?
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    Why Do Fashionable & Practical Men Prefer Tungsten Wedding Bands?

    Modern men are not only fashion-conscious, but they are also, practical too. Most modern couples are opting for attractive tungsten wedding bands. It is important to focus on the materials used in the making of your wedding band because your wedding band would be conveying a cultural and social message and the message would come from the core of your heart. As wedding symbolizes the auspicious beginning of a long journey and partnership entailing the lifetime bonding and love of two individuals, it is of pivotal importance to make sure that the wedding band is durable and lasts you a lifetime. Tungsten wedding bands are known for their incredible robustness…

  • Making More Of The Workplace Wardrobe: Rocking Your Style Everyday

    Making More Of The Workplace Wardrobe: Rocking Your Style Everyday

    Office wear never used to be so varied for men. Years ago, there was never the amount of choice or options there is today. A man wore a suit to the office, a shirt, and a tie. That may have been the extent of the styling and you may have even found that the shirt and tie were supplied by the employer as a uniform option. But now, things are different. It is much more exciting for a man to dress for the office these days. How you dress is a perception of you and your personality, now a suit and the details can tell that story. It can also…

  • Mens Jewelry - How to Make an Impression

    Mens Jewelry – How to Make an Impression

    There is nothing wrong with accessorizing if you can get the combination right. Men’s jewelry has been around for millennia and is integral in traditional garments across the world. It has its place in the contemporary setting too and you will certainly be surprised by the plethora of options available. Let’s start exploring. There are several types of men’s jewelry. Watches, cufflinks, and tie pins are functional, so they can blend into your outfit rather seamlessly. Bracelets, chains, and piercings are more about the aesthetics and they can help you achieve that unique look and signature style. How to Wear a Chain? A necklace for men would have to follow…

  • Seven Timeless Fashion Accessories Every Man Should Have
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    Seven Timeless Fashion Accessories Every Man Should Have

    An outfit is never complete without accessories since they offer that finishing touch that gets you from looking good to looking exquisite. Men require only a few accessories to get them through their daily endeavors. Everyone likes standing out from a crowd. Paying attention to details always gives you an edge in life. Keeping that information in mind, you will learn about seven accessories every man should have in his collection. When it comes to a man’s closet, the accessories listed below must be present. Watches It is well-known that time is vital to everyone. A watch keeps you organized and on track with all your appointments and schedules. The…

  • Jord #JordWatch
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    Win $75 E-Voucher to Purchase a Jord Wood Watch

    Where are all my guys out there that love fashion? When I’m at home, especially during football season, you will find me in my team’s gear, but when I’m out with my family, I’m generally in some causal wear. My outfits usually consist of a polo shirt, either some nice jeans or khaki pants to go with some clean kicks. No matter what I wear I’ll always have a watch to go with my outfit and now my son has picked up on that habit. Recently, I had the chance to review some watches from Jord, and I picked out around 6 or 7 watches until my son saw what…

  • Tendence Watches
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    5 Great Tendence Watches Available On Watches Website

    Are you someone who’s really into fashion? For me, it doesn’t matter how fly your gear is, I don’t feel right if I’m not wearing a watch. Yes, I admit that I’m someone who loves watches, and it seems like my son is following in my footsteps as I did my fathers. I’ve had the luxury of trying out some great watches over the years, whether it’s through sponsorship or purchasing them. One of the big issues when trying to find the perfect watch is that I have to go to different stores or websites to find the exact one I’m looking for, which are the Tendence watches. Now those…

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    Men’s Fashion- Tips for Dressing for the Outdoors in Summer

    During the summer, you’ll probably start to feel a lot more get-up-and-go in the morning. You’ll probably want to make the most of the awesome weather, and go on a few more family outings to spend time together. For all of these occasions though, you’ll need the right attire, so today’s post is all about men’s fashion when it comes to the outdoors. Here are just a few outings that you may have to plan an outfit for… Camping with the family A lot of people think that once their kids get older they can’t do anything fun with them anymore, but this is far from true – in fact,…

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    What To Go For When You Refresh Your Wardrobe

    It’s something that we all find ourselves having to do at some point or another. No matter the current state of your wardrobe, chances are you need to shake things up a bit at some point. When it comes time to do that, however, it is often easier said than done. Refreshing your wardrobe can sometimes be more than a little taxing. But that doesn’t mean that it has to be a great challenge. The truth is, it can be a walk in the park, so long as you follow these basic rules. In this post, we will go through some simple ideas which should help you choose the right…

  • Buying Suits
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    The Most Common Mistakes Dads Make When Buying Suits

    We’ve all been there; sitting in the waiting room of a suit shop, when your dad walks out looking like a bit of an idiot. “It just doesn’t fit” we cry. “The arms are too long” we squeal. It then becomes the family joke. ‘Dad has no idea how to buy a suit’ read the headlines of the family newsletter. Here are some of the most common mistakes dads make when buying a bespoke suit, and how you can avoid them. Don’t buy a poorly fitting suit: Probably the biggest mistake made when men buy suits is the fit! Please don’t purchase a suit that drowns you, or even worse,…

  • My Son Rocking Ennali Couture Shirt
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    Check Out the Ennali Couture Collection for Great Gear

    There are so many things that my son and I have in common with one of them being fashion. He’s a junior in high school and has told me several times about how to step my gear and kick game up, so he knows a little bit about what’s hot. Recently, I was contacted by an independent clothing company in London called Ennali Couture about checking out some of their clothes. When my son got home I showed him all the different kinds of clothes they produce and he was pretty excited about what he saw. Before you know it, he had about five items picked out, but I told…