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    7 Camping Activities Your Kids Will Absolutely Love

    As a busy parent, spending time with your spouse and children is easier said than done. You may plan a weekend off or a long break to spend quality time with them. But a crowded beach or resort may not be the best option. Such breaks are distracting as there is much to divert your attention. Moreover, they aren’t the safest in pandemic times when it is best to avoid crowds and be in smaller circles.  A family camping trip makes a great way to bond with your kids. Outdoors is safer and calm, so you can focus entirely on having a good time together. But keeping your kids engaged…

  • 5 Outdoor Activities To Take On in 2022
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    5 Outdoor Activities To Take On in 2022

    Over 53% of the population in the US participates in outdoor activities, and the number has been growing steadily over the past years. Indeed, during the pandemic, people wanted to spend time outdoors, while also being away from crowds. That is why, today, activities such as camping, and gardening are so much more popular and loved than they were a few years ago. Nonetheless, not all activities are perfect for everyone. If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to live a more active and outdoorsy lifestyle, check out the activities below and find the one that fits your needs. Go Fishing If you have always loved fresh fish for…

  • 4 Summer Activities to Help Bond with Your Kids
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    4 Summer Activities to Help Bond with Your Kids

    Every kid waits eagerly for summer break. No need to wake up early to go to school, no studying, and all that fun! Summer is a wonderful time to bond with your kids while incorporating some fun summer activities or sports. Use this time to teach your kids a new skill, help them develop a new hobby, and strengthen your relationship with them. Aside from going to beaches or for a vacation, there are many fun activities that you can do in and around your area with your kids. We have curated a list of the ultimate fun summer activities for you and your kids. Paddleboarding Paddleboarding is a relatively…

  • 4 Fun Activities to Try with Your Dad
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    4 Fun Activities to Try with Your Dad

    “For thousands of years, father and son have stretched wistful hands across the canyon of time.” -Alan Valentine A man’s thought process is not as of a woman. They do things differently and love differently. They don’t prefer to show affection directly but find ways to convey it. The most considerable evidence of this statement is the relationship between a father and a son. They may pretend to be careful on the outside, but somewhere inside, they feel and sense everything as a woman does. Where sons find it awkward and difficult to convey their feelings and concern for their daddies, it is important to let your dad know what…

  • 4 Sporting Activities You Should Take Up To Help With Stress
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    4 Sporting Activities You Should Take Up To Help With Stress

    If you are dealing with stress in your life, one of the best ways of managing this is to take up a sport. There are many types of physical activity that can be beneficial for your stress levels while keeping you feeling relaxed. Getting outside and enjoying the fresh air is going to be half of the benefit, while the movement can help your joints and heart. Finding a sport that you enjoy can be a massive help to you; you will gain a new social circle, and you will naturally find that your passion for your new endeavor will motivate you to keep doing it. Here are a few…

  • But as soon as you make it your hobby, you get the distinct sense that you’ve tapped into something enormous. There are thousands, if not millions of people, engaged in the activity every week, and they all have their own ideas for what constitutes the perfect angling experience. Fishy Social Networks

    More People Are Hooked On Fishing Than You Think

    If you’re not embroiled in the fishing world, it can quite easily pass you by. They don’t talk about it on the news, and programs, where fishing is the main subject, are few and far between. But as soon as you make it your hobby, you get the distinct sense that you’ve tapped into something enormous. There are thousands, if not millions of people, engaged in the activity every week, and they all have their own ideas for what constitutes the perfect angling experience.  Fishy Social Networks Many sports no have apps and social networks associated with them. Runners and cyclists, for instance, have Strava that allows them to see…

  • The Basics of Deep Sea Fishing

    3 Basics of Deep Sea Fishing: 3 Ways to Help With That

    Deep sea fishing is one of the most popular leisure activities of Americans and thousands of other nations every year. To date, there are over fifty million registered fishers in the United States alone, and all of these individuals have fishing licenses. This figure should give you a pointer as to how widespread this hobby really is. Compared to other types of angling, deep sea fishing is thought of as complicated business. Some species of fish are unavailable in mainly shallow waters, and these range from marlin to swordfish and tuna, too. Unless you have a boat, you will need to charter one, and that’s because the depths at which…

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    There Are Plenty More Fish In The Sea, And You Could Catch Them!

    Being a dad is demanding work. Rewarding, of course, but hard. Sometimes, it can seem as though you have no time to yourself. Between work and home life, it’s all one big blur. Is it any wonder that we make man caves? It’s the only chance we get to recuperate! Or is it? Today, we’re talking fishing. Before you roll your eyes and decide it isn’t for you, hear us out. Fishing is, by far, one of the most relaxing sports you could choose. And, relaxing doesn’t mean boring, either. When you get a catch, you’re sure to feel the heart-pounding excitement you would from scoring a footy goal. It’s…

  • Fishing For Beginners
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    Fishing For Beginners – Making It An Unforgettable Experience

    If your image of fishing involves sitting around some nondescript lake, waiting around all day (in the rain), catching nothing and going home smelly, wet and miserable – you wouldn’t be alone. For someone who’s never fished before, the concept can seem rather unappealing. Enter luxury fishing holidays with guided river trips – who knew this could be a thing? With the chance to discover epic Alaskan landscapes, learn a new skill and meet new people, suddenly the prospect of a fishing trip doesn’t seem so bad! What is a guided river trip? A guided river trip is so much more than a fishing trip. Fishing in truth is only…

  • 6 Fishing Rods

    6 Fishing Rods to Check Out in 2017

    There are a lot of fishing rods online, but which ones should you buy? Since there are literally thousands of these, it is impractical to try and read all the reviews. To save you the trouble, we have reviewed and collected the best fishing rods available. Yes, there are a lot to choose from, but these six rods stand out. Saltwater Fishing Rods   Duckett Fishing Inshore Series Casting Rod This 7-foot long rod has an 8 – 17 lb. line weight with moderate power. It is designed for saltwater, comes with zirconia inserts and a cork handle. This single piece rod is also solidly built and ideal for saltwater…

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    3 Simple Tips For Getting Your Kids Into Fishing

    For countless dads around the world, a lazy afternoon spent fishing is more than just a pastime, it’s a fervent passion. Naturally, if you’re an avid angler, you’ll want to share this passion with your kids. While this may sound pretty straightforward now, knowing how to do something you do not necessarily make you a good teacher. If you’re not sure where to begin, here are some simple tips for giving your kids the best possible start to fishing. Keep it Light Don’t be surprised if your kids aren’t showing an immediate interest in fishing. If you try to jam it down their throats, waking them up before sunrise so…

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    Fun Outdoorsy Activities With the Kids As A Family

    Just because the summer is over doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy some fun outdoor activities with the kids. Let’s face it; a little rain never hurt anyone! So if you’re looking for things to do on a fall or even winter weekend, here are a few activities to consider. Hiking Hiking is good exercise, and also teaches kids a number of valuable skills. Map reading, using a compass and planning out a journey are all great things to be able to know how to do. Plus with the stunning natural landscape it will give you endless photo opportunities, and it’s loads of fun too. Find a good hiking trail,…