• 3 Ways to Enhance Your Work Garage at Home
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    3 Ways to Enhance Your Work Garage at Home

    If you’re the type of person who loves building, fixing, or innovating, your garage is the most important place in your home. It’s where you can get creative and do things with your hands. With all that’s going on inside your garage, you might neglect to take time to make some enhancements. With all the wear and tear it gets from the various projects, it’s time for some renovations. We’re going to cover some ways you can make your home work garage new and improved. Update the Roof Your roof is what protects you from the weather and is an essential part of a secure garage. If you haven’t updated…

  • Man Cave
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    Turning Your Garage into a Functional Man Cave

    Your garage need not only be the place in which you park your car. It need not only be the place where you store your tools or old golf clubs are stored. It need not only be the place that you spend a few moments of each day in as you rev your engine. It can be a place in which you actively spend large parts of your day; it can be your perfect little man cave. However, just because you turn it into a man cave, it doesn’t mean it should lose its practical and functional uses. Read on to find out how you can find the perfect balance…

  • Workshop
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    Converting Your Garage Into A Workshop

    If you’re a DIY dad and you’re looking to set up a workshop/man cave – converting a garage could be your best option. Not all of us are lucky enough to own a garage, but those of us that do usually squander the opportunity by using it as extra storage space. Most garages perfectly suit the conditions of a workshop. You will have to do a bit of renovation – as this post will explain – but its easy access and environment make it far better suited than any other room in the house. Clean out your garage The first step is gutting out your garage. Given most of us…

  • Neat Garage
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    3 Great Helpful Tips When Cleaning Up Your Garage

      It is the most pathetic day in your life when you have to deal with cleaning up your garage, not because it is very difficult, but because it does not change at all after you have spent hours to clean and organize it. Yes, it happens to almost everyone and ironically after spending a whole day and getting all dirty, the next day it looks even so. This usually is the result of an unplanned and emotion stricken approach where the actual motivation of getting rid of unnecessary stuff gets hazy and eventually disappears from the mind. How Do You Start? The best way to start is to start…