Become An Eco-Warrior: The Benefits Of Going Green

We’ve spoken before about going green and how, despite popular belief, it doesn’t have to impact your quality of life. If you’re still someone who’s on the fence about becoming a little greener at home, now’s the time to be brave and take the leap. Honestly, going green isn’t difficult, plus it comes with tons of benefits, so there’s no reason to hold back. Let’s look at some of the benefits of greener living, to make it easier for you to take the leap and become an eco-warrior. It’s addictive Normally, things that are addictive ... [read more]

It’s Easy Being Green, Having A Home With Everything You Need

You might think that by going green, you’re going to be reducing your quality of living, particularly at home. Well, that’s just not true and actually, going green could improve your lifestyle. You’ll have more money to spend on things you really want instead of wasting it on energy bills. Let’s look at some of the things that are still possible, even with a green home. Awesome Entertainment You don’t have to get rid of your television to make sure that your home is green. You just need to make sure it’s switched off when it’s not in use. ... [read more]

4 Tips on How to Make Your Home Green

“Green living” seem to be the buzz words on everyone’s lips. Don’t be put off by the hype! There are lots of benefits to giving your home an eco-friendly make over. Here are four simple tips to make your home green. 1. Energy Saving Saving isn’t just for super heroes! There are everyday ways to help save on your energy bills. Switching off appliances, choosing energy efficient appliances and switching to energy efficient light bulbs are all simple ways to save energy. Want to save even more? Solar panels are a great long term investment when ... [read more]

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