• 4 Tips for Planning a Nature-Based Vacation with Your Kids
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    4 Tips for Planning a Nature-Based Vacation with Your Kids

    Nature-based vacations are great for parents and their children because they allow families to connect with nature in ways different from the usual daily grind of life. Planning a nature-based vacation may seem like it requires much more work than other types of holidays, but there are many benefits to choosing this family trip over others, and once you know what to do, it’s easy. Let’s look at five valuable tips and tricks for planning your next nature-based vacation with your kids: Know what to expect before you go Knowing what to expect is essential when planning a nature-based vacation, as you need to plan your supplies, activities, and accommodation…

  • 6 Things to Have when Embarking on Your Next Hiking Expedition
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    6 Things to Have when Embarking on Your Next Hiking Expedition

    When embarking on your first hiking expedition, it is essential to be prepared. There are a few items that you will need to make the journey safe and enjoyable. This blog post will discuss what to bring with you when hiking in the great outdoors. 1) Navigation A map and compass are essential for any hike, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area. A GPS device can also be helpful but keep in mind that batteries can die, and the signal can be lost in remote areas. It is also always a good idea to let someone know your hiking plans before you set out, so they can contact…

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    7 Camping Activities Your Kids Will Absolutely Love

    As a busy parent, spending time with your spouse and children is easier said than done. You may plan a weekend off or a long break to spend quality time with them. But a crowded beach or resort may not be the best option. Such breaks are distracting as there is much to divert your attention. Moreover, they aren’t the safest in pandemic times when it is best to avoid crowds and be in smaller circles.  A family camping trip makes a great way to bond with your kids. Outdoors is safer and calm, so you can focus entirely on having a good time together. But keeping your kids engaged…

  • Hobbies: Guy Playing Golf

    Here Are Some Great Hobbies That Get You Out

    Hobbies are really important and help you live a life worth living. Everyone has points of interest which they are keen to explore further. But arguably the best hobbies are those which get you outside. When you are outside you get exercise and meet new people, so the benefits are huge. It can be hard to find the right hobby for you, so here are some ideas to get you started. These may not interest you, but they can get you thinking in the right kind of way. Golf Golf is a sport but also a skill. It gets you out and although it isn’t the best exercise in the…

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    Fun Outdoorsy Activities With the Kids As A Family

    Just because the summer is over doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy some fun outdoor activities with the kids. Let’s face it; a little rain never hurt anyone! So if you’re looking for things to do on a fall or even winter weekend, here are a few activities to consider. Hiking Hiking is good exercise, and also teaches kids a number of valuable skills. Map reading, using a compass and planning out a journey are all great things to be able to know how to do. Plus with the stunning natural landscape it will give you endless photo opportunities, and it’s loads of fun too. Find a good hiking trail,…