• 4 Dos and Don’ts When Hunting in Florida

    4 Dos and Don’ts When Hunting in Florida

    Rather than spending your days at theme and water parks, why not revel in the beauty of nature? Florida offers many hunting opportunities throughout the state. Seek adventures in the panhandle or explore the Everglades. If you plan to hunt in Florida, you must remember a few key things. Here are four dos and don’ts when hunting in Florida. Do: Get Your Florida Fishing and Hunting License You must obtain a permit or license before you can hunt or fish in the sunshine state. You can get these hunting and fishing licenses at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) or a hunting outfitters business that partners with them.…

  • How the Weather Affects Turkey Hunting

    How the Weather Affects Turkey Hunting

    Turkey hunting is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the United States and has been for generations. But being a successful turkey hunter requires a deep understanding of the weather conditions in your area and how they can impact your hunt. Different weather conditions can affect the behavior of the turkeys. Before we get into that, learn more about Pennsylvania turkey hunting. Whether you’re an experienced turkey hunter or a beginner, different weather conditions can enhance or impede your chances of a successful hunt. This article will explore the different weather conditions that affect turkey hunting in each season. Ready to learn more? How Temperature Can Impact Turkey…

  • America's Hunting and The Great Outdoors
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    America’s Hunting and The Great Outdoors

      America has a long hunting tradition that dates to the early days of the country. Hunting is deeply embedded in America’s history and culture. While hunting may not be as popular as it once was, there are still millions of Americans who enjoy hunting for sport or food. It is worth checking out America’s Hunting Network if you are interested in this hobby and getting more involved. History In the early days of hunting, it was used as a means of gathering food and providing for one’s family. Over time, hunting has also been used as a way to control animal populations, and as a form of recreation. Today,…

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    13 Essential Bow Hunting Tips for Beginners

    Archery is an ancient skill that originated in North America, and it has evolved over the years. Modern compound bows have now replaced the simple traditional wooden bows. Bow hunting is a professional sport that many archers relish during seasonal hunting games. If you are a beginner in bow hunting, then here are some tips to help you fine-tune your skills. Choose the right accessories Whether you are a beginner or more advanced in your skills, the right accessories such as a single pin slider, stabilizers, and the matched peep and pin guard improve your shooting and help increase your trajectory. Shorten your release aid Now, you should try avoiding…

  • Firearm Upgrades While Getting Ready For The Hunting Season
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    Firearm Upgrades While Getting Ready For The Hunting Season

    The hunting season is fast approaching. This means that the time has come for you to start preparing your firearms for the sport. And the sooner you start preparing, the better equipped you are. Though there are tons of prepping up to do for the week, we are sure that you may have all the things chalked up on your list. Whether it is the clothing, understanding of the topographic map, or the strategy, we are guessing that you may have done your homework already. But did you know that along with everything else, ensuring your firearms are ready and safe to use is important too? After the most extended…

  • 7 Ways to Manage Firearms When Hunting With Kids
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    7 Ways to Manage Firearms When Hunting With Kids

    Firearms are common in households across the U.S. today. Parents who love the outdoors and hunting want their kids to carry the legacy ahead and often take them along on trips to give them a dose of adventure right from an early age. But if you plan outdoor sprees with kids, you need to be extra conscious about safety. Filing to adhere to precautions can lead to serious accidents and fatalities. Statistics indicate that firearm injuries are a leading cause of death among children every year. But it does not mean that owning a gun is always a risk to the life of your kids. While such mishaps are unfortunate,…

  • 17 Tips for Maintaining Your Hunting Gear
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    17 Tips for Maintaining Your Hunting Gear

    It pays to be always ready and this is true even for hunting. Even when you’re not successful in your hunting adventure, adequate preparation is always a confidence booster. One of the things you can do to prepare is to keep your hunting gear in good condition always. Here are some tips to help you clean, dry, and store your hunting gear. Guns and Ammo Hunting guns, like any equipment, needs routine care. Check out the following tips to care for your guns and ammo: Keep riflescopes dust-free and clean to avoid scratching sensitive optical coatings. Take the time to clean your guns as it will only take a little…

  • Interested in Hunting? 5 Helpful Ideas on Where to Start

    Interested in Hunting? 5 Helpful Ideas on Where to Start

      If you haven’t done hunting before, there’s nothing to worry about because it isn’t as complicated as you think. Although hunting rules can be a little intimidating for any novice because they’re comprehensive and overwhelming at first, there are various ways to get started. Below are some of the tips on where to start in hunting: Determine the Type of Hunting You Prefer There are several kinds of hunting you can do. Think of the type of game you’re looking for before you start hunting. For instance, if you want to hunt birds, you can find out more here. You can also prefer big game, predators, or small game.…

  • 5 Essentials That You Must Absolutely Carry on A Hunting Trip

    5 Essentials That You Must Absolutely Carry on A Hunting Trip

    Hunting trips are exciting because you absolutely have to fight for survival when you are out there. There are some things that you would need but at the same time, you wouldn’t want to carry a big load that restricts movement. The idea is to be judicious about the things you carry in your hunting pack. While it should have all the essentials, skip the things that would only add to the weight. Use your experience and some guidance to figure out the stuff that you would surely need. Here is a list that can help. Food and water You may think that food and water are less important than…

  • 9 Wildlife Survival Tips - Get Ready to Face All Situations
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    9 Wildlife Survival Tips – Get Ready to Face All Situations

    Trekking in the wildlife is something genuinely adventurous. The biodiversity and the mesmerizing landscapes that surround the wildlife will make your experience truly worthwhile. Take a look at some of the fantastic tips that will help you in exploring the wildlife at its best. What Piques your Interest? – The trick lies in making the utmost of the trip by recognizing the most appropriate choice to do so. Such options can comprise of solitary walks, horse safari or horse ride, rappelling, fishing, bird spotting or jeep safaris. If you wish to explore more on horse riding, TVG will be an ideal source. Should you plan to relax, then go for…

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    Awesome Gear To Improve Your Hunting Experience

    In a world where we’re becoming increasingly pampered and sheltered through all the luxuries of modern life, countless men feel a deep-rooted urge to get back to their roots, and more in touch with the great outdoors. If there’s one activity that lets us do this better than any other, it’s hunting. Whether you’re looking for a new way to bond with your son, just starting out or getting back into hunting, here’s some gear that will make your experience that much better. Wind Detector When you have to take shots at long range, wind detectors are a hugely invaluable tool to have. The change in a single knot can…