• Nas It Was Written Released 25 Years Ago Today
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    Nas It Was Written Released 25 Years Ago Today

    Nas is my favorite rapper alive and one of the best to ever do it. Illmatic is viewed as one of the greatest hip hop albums of all-time. Two years later, Nas returned with his second album with high expectations. 25 years ago It Was Written dropped and it was every bit as good as his debut. It Was Written debuted at the top of the charts and it went on to sell over 3 million copies. It Was Written remained his best-selling album and one of my personal favorites. While Illmatic didn’t have any major features, this one packed some dopes ones. Lauryn Hill, Dr. Dre, Mobb Deep, The…

  • Listen to My Top 5 Albums from Nas
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    Listen to My Top 5 Albums from Nas

    We kicked things off last week with the late, great 2Pac. This week, we’ll move to my favorite rapper alive and that’s Nas. Nas has been in the game over 25 years as he made his first appearance on a record in 1991. Live at the Barbeque by Main Source was the introduction to Nas. The verse on the track garnered so much attention for Nas and it landed him a record deal. In 1994, Nas dropped his debut album, Illmatic and it has been called one of the best hip hop records of all-time. Nas have released 11 albums, which include a double disc, 2 collaboration and 3 compilations…

  • Nas It Was Written
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    It Was Written Released by Nas 20 Years Ago

    My favorite rapper alive released his second album, It Was Written on July 2, 1996. The album was definitely different from his debut album, Illmatic, which is an album that many considered one of, if not the greatest hip hop album of all-time. I’ve never considered it, but this album right here, It Was Written is a different story because this is probably my favorite Nas joint. It Was Written opened with one of my favorite intros to an album where he portrays a slave that’s about to escape. While he boasted on the track, Got Urself A Gun on his Stillmatic album that Illmatic didn’t have any famous guest…