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    Men’s Guide to Jewelry: Here’s How to Select And Style Them

    “A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.” -Oscar Wilde. Jewelry is an essential element of styling and instantly amps up your personal style. However, most people still associate jewelry with female fashion. They don’t realize that watches, bracelets, rings, or cufflinks are part of men’s accessories. And these accessories have been a part of men’s styling for ages. Moreover, even if someone tries to add jewelry to their outfit, selecting and correctly styling the piece is still a mystery to them. Perhaps, you might also be wondering the same. That’s why in this article, we’ll discuss a few ways to select and style jewelry. So, without any…

  • Why Cushion Cut Diamond is an Ideal Cut Diamond for Engagement Ring?

    Why Cushion Cut Diamond is an Ideal Cut Diamond for Engagement Ring?

    If you are planning to get engaged with your beloved, you need to opt-in for the best diamond ring! A diamond engagement ring adds the mark of permanence to a bond. It is also symbolic of the beauty of love and the journey two people have decided to undertake. Today, online diamond retailers have come up with multiple diamond ring cuts and designs. It takes to fixate the mind and choose one that caters to one’s choice and budget capacity. But if it’s your engagement, then the ideal diamond ring to choose is a cushion cut diamond. What is a cushion-cut diamond? The cushion ideal cut diamonds look impressive and…

  • Mens Jewelry - How to Make an Impression

    Mens Jewelry – How to Make an Impression

    There is nothing wrong with accessorizing if you can get the combination right. Men’s jewelry has been around for millennia and is integral in traditional garments across the world. It has its place in the contemporary setting too and you will certainly be surprised by the plethora of options available. Let’s start exploring. There are several types of men’s jewelry. Watches, cufflinks, and tie pins are functional, so they can blend into your outfit rather seamlessly. Bracelets, chains, and piercings are more about the aesthetics and they can help you achieve that unique look and signature style. How to Wear a Chain? A necklace for men would have to follow…

  • Men's Jewelry Trends

    Men’s Jewelry Trends and Tips for 2017

    Traditionally men are not in the habit of flaunting too much in terms of jewelry. The average man generally, keeps things more conservative while wearing his jewelry and mostly sticks to his watch, a wedding band or just a class ring. Earrings were usually regarded as a symbol of rebellion while platinum and gold chains were mostly reserved for the music world. Those concepts are things of the past now. Modern times have ushered in an era where there is an understanding of style trends and appreciation of men’s jewelry including rings, pendants, and even bracelets. That means that picking a gift for your husband can be harder than ever before.…

  • Man Giving Woman Ring
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    Jewelry is the Ideal Gift for the Woman in Your Life

    There’s a reason they say jewelry is a woman’s best friend. Women across the world have worn jewelry for years. In many instances, these jewels possess deep meaning and great value. If there is a woman in your life who you want to impress, than jewelry is an amazing gift option. If you do not know what kind of jewelry to buy, shopping for the perfect gift can be a little intimidating. There are so many options including different types of metals, necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, and gemstones. Instead of letting these choices overwhelm you, the following infographic makes it easy to determine what piece of jewelry is right for…