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    Taking A Vacation Without Kids? I’ve Got The Perfect Place

    Have you ever looked at a play park and thought: “Why don’t they build these for adults?” Adults like to have fun too, being crazy and wild. Well, they do. You probably just haven’t noticed because the adult play park is…a tad bigger than the ones for kids. It’s called Las Vegas, and it’s got everything you might want for a fantastic, exciting, exhilarating vacation. Or, if you want to lavish in luxury, it’s got that too. And so much more. Here are just some of the reasons why you should book an adults only trip to Las Vegas this year. Lady Luck Who doesn’t love a good gamble? You…

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    Why You Should Never Miss a Vegas Show

    Las Vegas is legendary for its Broadway-inspired shows, and Steve Wynn has played a vital role in bringing these entertainment options to The Strip. One of the most exciting aspects of these entertainment options is the fact that you can hear many of your favorite songs. These shows also often feature original numbers that may not have been part of the original production. Anyone who decides they want to see one of these shows will be in for a genuine treat. Timeless Musicals Many of the Broadway shows that feature Vegas productions have a timeless appeal. Many have been on Broadway for years, and their appeal extends to audiences of…