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    My Busy Lifestyle: Here’s A Peek at My Life with Liberte

        It seems like the older I’ve gotten, the busier my schedule has become. Since I’ll be turning 40 in a couple of weeks I’ve been making minor changes in my lifestyle. With all that, I’m still working night shifts and that’s where it was hard to make those changes. Instead of drinking so many sodas, I’ve started drinking more water and it’s kind of tough some nights. I’ve also ditched the fast food and candy bars and went back to my Liberte Yogurt to go with fruits. Since I love shopping at Publix all the time I get to grab both while doing some shopping. What better place…

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    Liberté Méditerranée Yogurt is a Great for Busy Parents ($20 Paypal Cash Giveaway)

    This discussion and giveaway for Liberté yogurt found at Publix is sponsored by General Mills and Linqia, however all opinions and ideas are as always 100% my own. #YogurtPerfection     How many people out there are always busy to the point where your diet suffers? Since late last year I started to change my diet so I can become healthier but working night shift, being involved with my kid’s school, blogging and being a husband at the same time. While working on the night shift I have to change my eating habits, like not eating full meals in the middle of the night and just find healthy snacks that…