• 3 Important Questions to Ask Your Parents as They Get Older

    3 Important Questions to Ask Your Parents as They Get Older

    We spend a lot of our lives with our parents, but a lot of what we do with them, especially when we have moved out and started families of our own, means that there is a lot of routine in place and a lot of conversation around common things. In fact, we can just talk about what we are all doing, hopes for the future with life and work, but rarely talk about anything too profound. However, as we all know, life is short. And as we and our parents get older, time will seem to fly by even more. So while it may feel like there is never a…

  • Positive Influence On Their Kids' Future Marriages

    3 Ways Dads Can Be a Positive Influence On Their Kids’ Future Marriages

    It’s no secret that dads play an important role on the development of their children, but did you know that dads directly impact their kids’ future marriages? Dads will help daughters determine the type of man she will marry, and their sons determine the type of husband they will be. They also help play a huge role in whether their kids will marry at all or become divorced. If you are a father and want to impress upon your children the importance of a healthy, happy marriage, check out these tips on how you can become a positive marital influence. Love your wife This doesn’t mean to just marry your…