• 5 Cannabis Growing Tricks Every Beginner Can Rely On
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    5 Cannabis Growing Tricks Every Beginner Can Rely On

    If you are a cannabis lover, you will love the idea of having a thriving garden right inside your home. Besides making you self-sufficient, becoming a home grower serves endless benefits. You can save time on dispensary trips and grow your supplies with a little gardening effort and a small investment. But ensuring quality and yield with home cultivation is easier said than done. You have to know everything about growing cannabis (specifically if you plan to cultivate indoors, as most home growers do). Seasoned growers have some tried and tested growing tricks beginners can rely on. Let us share a few valuable ones with you. Grow indoors The best…

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    How To Seek Assistance from A Budtender When Visiting A Dispensary?

    The medicinal and magical properties of cannabis persuade more people to try the products. But, considering the taboo surrounding cannabis products, visiting the dispensary, and buying the products seems like a daunting task, especially for first-time buyers. The world of cannabis is quite different to them and filled with terms and products such as strains, topical, extracts, edibles, and more. Stating the obvious, it can make their first visit to the dispensary overwhelming and selecting the right product more challenging. Thankfully, budtenders at the dispensary can assist the customers and offer them the right product. You can consult the budtenders online before visiting the dispensary or seek their assistance on…

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    4 Amazing and Creative Ways to Use Weed in 2022

    There are so many ways to use cannabis and/or marijuana that are distinct from the conventional methods of consumption. You can be as creative and experimental with weed as you want to be. You can cook it, dissolve it, bake it, mix it, depending upon the kind of effect that you seek. Let’s begin with a few unique tips: 1. Topical Applications The age of vaping or smoking marijuana is long gone. However, if you still prefer the traditional ways, you can stick to them. But the topical application of marijuana-infused oils and lotions is gaining a lot of popularity these days. The biggest reason is that it is one of the…

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    How Marijuana Is Encouraging People to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

    In the olden days, marijuana might not have played an integral role in leading a healthy lifestyle. And a couple of decades ago, it was only known as a recreational drug, but recently the whole concept of cannabis has changed in several ways. Now, the science and health industry has found that it has many uses and benefits. Due to this fact, there has been a significant upsurge in the consumption of medical marijuana and other CBD-infused products. Shatter and Rosin are two of the most demanded cannabis concentrates in market today. The big difference in them is the extraction process. The one thing you should know is rosin is a…

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    4 Different Forms and Ways to Consume Marijuana in 2022

    Before you consume any form of marijuana, it is important to know that every form is mind-altering in some way or another. The mind is going to react similarly to every form as the molecules of the compound react with the brain cells. You are still going to experience that feeling of euphoria and relaxation once your system has digested these compounds. However, you can still try different ways of consuming this magical herb for stress relief and pain management. Let’s begin: 1. Traditional Leaves Never Get Old People who have been consuming marijuana for a long time, prefer to stick to the traditional leaves. These are plain marijuana leaves,…

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    5 Reasons To Start Ordering Your Stash from Online Dispensaries

    Finally, there is no need to hide away from society if you want to get a marijuana buzz. Even though weed is still strictly regulated in many areas, the use and distribution of this drug are no longer illegal in many states. However, we have noticed that buying good-quality weed can still be quite a pain. We explored purchasing marijuana from an online dispensary and were thrilled with its benefits. Dispensaries guarantee to provide buyers a safer and classier experience. Luckily for us weed enthusiasts, getting mail-order marijuana is the hype! Hence, today we’re going to discuss reasons why moving to online dispensaries for your bulk weed stash is a…

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    What Are the Major Differences Between Sativa and Indica Strains?

    Whether you are new or experienced in cannabis consumption, you may be well aware of the terms Sativa, Indica, or hybrid. The three are different variants of the marijuana herb that are a basis for the THC content, flavor, aroma, and effect when used by people. Apart from knowing the general recreational and medical health benefits of cannabis or cannabinoids, how well do you know Sativa and Indica? There are a lot of myths and misrepresentations on the internet, which is why we are going to discuss some of the common elements that separate the two strains from each other. Appearance: While sativa leaves are long and fan out narrower, light green,…

  • Weight Loss and Marijuana - The Inevitable Connection
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    Weight Loss and Marijuana – The Inevitable Connection

    “Why is marijuana against the law? It grows naturally upon our planet. Doesn’t the idea of making nature against the law seem to you a bit unnatural?” -Bill Hicks   A 2019 research paper by Consumer Report claims that 64 million people tried CBD or CBD products in the last two years. Out of this, 22% said CBD helped them replace prescribed over-the-counter drugs to a considerable extent. Whether you ever consumed marijuana or not but must have heard or seen that people often overeat after consuming the herb. On the contrary, researchers claim that CBD makes people eat less, remain healthy, and shed those extra lbs.   Weight loss…

  • The Truth About Marijuana Edibles, Compact and Tasteful

    The Truth About Marijuana Edibles, Compact and Tasteful

    When talking about marijuana edibles, the first thing that pops to mind is the brownies and the cookies. But the cannabis edibles universe is so much more than that. There is a vast and different variety of weed edibles to try from and pick the one that works perfectly for you. You can get anything from cakes, pizzas and takis as edibles. If you are wanting to try something different check out the purple penthouse to see their vast selection. There are many places you can find cannabis or CBD online. Green Roads is one of the better brands to get premium CBD products online. You can save a little…

  • 3 Places to Visit Online for My Marijuana Lovers

    3 Places to Visit Online for My Marijuana Lovers

    Unfortunately, Georgia is still dragging their feet when it comes to legalizing marijuana. As an adult, this is something that haven’t crossed my mind because of my kids. When I was much younger, that was a different story. With my kids becoming young adults, we’ve had those conversations about marijuana several times. During those conversations I’ve revealed that it’s something that I’ve smoked so many times when I was young. We also taught them the pros and cons of smoking marijuana and when they get older, that’s their choice if they choose to smoke. Till this day, it’s something my kids haven’t given much thought to as they’re not interested.…

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    Do Cannabis Users Intake More Daily Calories Than Most?

    Popular lore states that marijuana is associated with people who eat a lot more than others who are not on the medicine. Despite eating more while under the effects of cannabis (in some studies people were reported to eat more than 600 calories in one day), cannabis user’s extra intake doesn’t seem to lead to weight gain. Moreover, a recent study concluded that there is a condensed occurrence in overweightness amongst people that do smoke marijuana. Smoke Weed, Get Skinny Scientists from three different institutions, including Harvard and the University of Nebraska, analyzed data from more than 4,600 adults. The study found that current marijuana users have significantly smaller waists…