• 112 Only You Featuring Notorious Big and Mase
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    112 Only You Featuring Notorious Big and Mase

    Welcome to another Thursday, which means we are closer to the weekend. The new Drake EP, Jagged Edge compilation, LL’s classic Mama Said Knock You Out all was played. My playlist this week also consisted of Ghetto Mafia’s Straight from the Dec and Junior Mafia’s debut album. Two days ago, was the 24th anniversary of the passing of the late, great Notorious Big. The last album that was played was 112’s debut album. The self-titled debut went on to sell over two million copies. The second single off the album was called Only You. Only You features the Notorious Big and Mase. Only You is one of the many great…

  • Junior Mafia Dropped Conspiracy 25 Years Ago Today
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    Junior Mafia Dropped Conspiracy 25 Years Ago Today

    Junior Mafia released Conspiracy, their debut album 25 years ago today. As we know, Junior Mafia is the group of friends he put on after his classic Ready to Die album. This album has some significance to me because this was the first CD I purchase after leaving cassettes. Junior Mafia’s Conspiracy went on to go gold on the strength of 3 singles. Player’s Anthem was the first single and it featured Notorious Big, Lil’ Kim and Lil’ Cease. Player’s Anthem went on to sell over 500, 000 copies and put the spotlight on Cease and Kim. Player’s Anthem was a great single from the album and was a dope…

  • Notorious Big Juicy for Throwback Thursday
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    Notorious Big Juicy for Throwback Thursday

    It was just announced that the Notorious Big will be inducted into the 2020 Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame. This is very deserving as the Notorious Big was one of the greatest rappers of all-time. It’s hard to believe that he’s been gone for almost 23 years. Ready to Die was his first album and it was a certified classic that’s still talked about till this day. A couple weeks after passing, his Life After Death album dropped and it was another classic. The Notorious Big is one of my favorite rappers ever and he’s been included on many personal mixes. Whether it’s my personal Greatest Hits or featured on my…

  • Ready to Die Released 25 Years Ago by The Notorious Big
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    Ready to Die Released 25 Years Ago by The Notorious Big

    It’s hard to believe the Notorious Big has been gone for over 22 years. 25 years ago today, Notorious Big released his classic debut, Ready to Die. If you followed the 2Pac and Notorious Big drama, it’s even crazier that Pac passed away 23 years ago today. Ready to Die is looked at as one of the greatest hip hop albums of all-time. The only feature on Ready to Die was from Method Man. The first single from Ready to Die dropped in the early part of summer of 1994. Juicy was the track and you immediately paid attention to the track and Notorious Big. Juicy went on to go…