• 5 Rainy Day Activities to Bring the Family Together

    5 Rainy Day Activities to Bring the Family Together

    Summer is the time of year where families come together and enjoy good food, good weather and make some good memories. Whether you’re planning fun filled days down at the beach, afternoons in the park, a holiday to somewhere new or travelling to see relatives, the summer break is always eagerly anticipated. But sometimes, the weather isn’t always on your side, and the kids are grumpy and fed up of being stuck indoors. And you’re getting more and more stressed everyone squabbling and not getting along. What happened to your summer of happy memories?! The truth is, even if you have an endless budget money isn’t an object, sometimes the…

  • Child's Interest to Reading
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    8 Tips How to Provoke Your Child’s Interest to Reading

    No matter how much technologies develop, reading still remains an important part of our lives – only it goes digital often. But though many of us consider reading an interesting hobby or at least an important activity, our children might not share this opinion. For a child, reading can be challenging and unpleasant, especially if a kid is very active and finds it hard to spend a lot of time sitting and looking at a book or on a screen (if it’s e-readers we’re talking about). However, this doesn’t make reading any less important. Building this skill is crucial because it helps not only to prepare your child for the…