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    How To Get The Best Price For Your Los Angeles Property

    Real estate is one of the most competitive markets today, with the prices of properties fluctuating rapidly. Many homeowners are seeking to sell their homes but often complain of not receiving the deal they expected. It can be confusing because real estate is an ever appreciating asset, and in a location like Los Angeles, even more so! If you’re wondering why your property isn’t getting picked off the market instantly, we may have a clue. Most of the homeowners don’t realize but there are five things that may be hindering your home sale or lease. Curious to know what they are? Read below for all the details!   Home insurance…

  • How Will the COVID-19 Vaccine Impact the Real Estate Market in 2021
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    How Will the COVID-19 Vaccine Impact the Real Estate Market in 2021

    As nightly newscasts update Americans on the status of the COVID-19 vaccine rollouts, one has to wonder what the vaccine means for the state of life in 2021. Millions of Americans will be called back from remote work – or made permanently remote employees – and the pandemic’s impact on the economy will become more evident. So, what does a vaccine mean for the real estate market? Let’s take a look. Real estate during the pandemic Against all odds, the real estate market rebounded after months-long shutdowns and skyrocketed as low-interest rates continued to fuel buyers in 2020. HomeLight, a leading real estate referral agency, surveyed more than 1,000 top…