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    Scary Stats Will Make You Think Twice About Taking Kids Out In The Car

    Do you ever think about how safe your children are when you take them out in the car? Probably not, right? Once you have strapped them in the child seat, ensuring they are wearing their seat belt, you’re ready to go. Why should you worry? You’re a safe driver, so there’s no reason to be frightened of any danger. Your kids are perfectly safe with you at the wheel. Ignoring the fact that even the best drivers make mistakes, you forget about other people on the road. You might be a great driver, but there’s no guarantee they are. They could cause an accident that will put your children in…

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    Safety Tips for First Time Drivers

    Being a parent of a new driver is really stressful, because you see all the time in the news, Facebook or from your kids about teenagers getting into accidents. When taking my son out driving I’ll share some of the advice I’ve given him over the past few months, and hopefully others will take my advice to help protect our kids. Keep Your Cell Phone Away From You The further away your cell phone, most likely you’re not going to pick it up. Cell phone usage is about as bad as drunk driving, in my opinion, because when you’re talking on your cell phone because your focus is on the…