• 5 Great Skills and Hobbies You Can Take Up This Summer

    5 Great Skills and Hobbies You Can Take Up This Summer

    You don’t have to go on vacation to have a great summer. You can still have the fun and excitement of summer days without leaving your home. This summer, you might find yourself with more free time than usual, and this is the perfect opportunity to learn new skills, do some self-development and work on areas in your life that have always been on your resolutions list. Improving yourself is always a clever idea, and when you grow into new areas of interest and skill, you get to learn new things about yourself and gain confidence as you master something different. You don’t have to leave your home or attend…

  • 5 Ways to Play With Your Kids This Summer

    5 Ways to Play With Your Kids This Summer

    Summer vacation is here, which means the kids are home from school full-time until fall. We’re about a month into the break, and you may be struggling to come up with ways to keep your little ones entertained for the rest of their break without doing the same thing over and over, or plopping them in front of the electronic babysitter. With that in mind, here are some unique ways to play with your kids this summer that you might not have thought of. 1. Institute Family Game Day You don’t have to wait for a power outage to pull out your collection of board games. Instead, pick one day…

  • Men Fashion

    Men’s Fashion- Tips for Dressing for the Outdoors in Summer

    During the summer, you’ll probably start to feel a lot more get-up-and-go in the morning. You’ll probably want to make the most of the awesome weather, and go on a few more family outings to spend time together. For all of these occasions though, you’ll need the right attire, so today’s post is all about men’s fashion when it comes to the outdoors. Here are just a few outings that you may have to plan an outfit for… Camping with the family A lot of people think that once their kids get older they can’t do anything fun with them anymore, but this is far from true – in fact,…