• 3 Tips When Travelling with Children in the Car
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    4 Tips When Traveling with Children in the Car

    When you are travelling with youngsters in the car, the journey can be quite eventful if they are not kept occupied and comfortable.  Children can be hard to please therefore the slightest bit of discomfort can make them very vocal or disruptive and it can make it very difficult for the driver to concentrate.  There are many ways to keep your children occupied however here are a few tips. Entertainment Children in a car without entertainment can be very disruptive and there are simple ways to overcome this.  If they have an iPad or portable games console, then this could be an ideal solution.  Nowadays children have all sorts of…

  • Check Out Father Son Weekend Road Trip to Florida
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    Check Out Father Son Weekend Road Trip to Florida

    One thing we all can agree on is that we’re always busy. As parents, we must deal with our kids, work life, after school activities and everything in between. With my kids getting older, it’s harder to spend some quality time with them because their all teenagers now. We all remember the time when we were teenagers and your parents are the furthest thing from your mind. My son is a year removed from school, working all the time and going to college, so he’s always busy. With me working at nights, there’s times that I rarely see him throughout the week except in passing by. One of the things…

  • Traveling This Christmas

    Traveling This Christmas? Do It In Style And Safety!

    For anyone visiting family this holiday season, you’re probably going to have to make some long journeys to get there. These journeys are done on perilous roads that are coated with ice and snow. Winter obviously isn’t the best time to be driving. It’s dangerous the roads and visibility is at its worst. This post will go through some of the ways that you can make your holiday adventure a little more stylish, and a whole lot safer.   First, planning your journey is key. Some roads are most dangerous than others, and all of the statistics can be found online. So, it’s easy to avoid more dangerous roads. You…

  • Holiday Travel

    8 Great Survival Tips for Holiday Travel

    Bringing the whole family on a trip can turn into a nightmare really quick. Add the busy holiday travel season to the picture, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster (Home Alone, anyone?). But this holiday season, you can take control of the chaos and guide your family to smooth sailing with the following tips for surviving holiday travel. Plan travel times in your favor. When you’re accounting for multiple people of varying ages, strategic timing of travel is key. Book flights on off-peak days to not only save some money but also avoid extremely busy airports. If you must travel on peak days, try getting the earliest flight out.…

  • Beach Vacation
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    Add A Little Extra To Your Beach Vacation This Summer

    There’s time left this summer to head on a beach vacation. A few more weeks left for blistering hot weather, golden sands and the chance to get a beautiful tan. Or, just to head down to the coast on a weekend between work and school. Of course, it can get a little boring down at the beach. You don’t want to just spend the whole day lying on the sand. Particularly, if you have children who will quickly get bored. Not to worry, I’ve got some great ideas to make the beach more exciting if you are heading there before summer officially ends. Rent A Boat If you’ve never rented…

  • Adventure of a Lifetime

    Planning The Adventure Of A Lifetime With Your Kids

    Are you eager to explore the national parks this summer? Are you keen to teach the kids how to fish, swim, or climb? Are you preparing to embark on an al fresco adventure of a lifetime? If so, here are five easy steps to follow to plan an unforgettable family vacation in the great outdoors. Choose your destination When it comes to national parks, Americans are spoiled for choice. If you’re not au fait with US geography, you may be amazed at the sheer diversity of parks we have here in the US. Many of us are unaware of the stunning natural beauty that lies around the corner. When you’re…