The 5 Best Spots for Your Next Vacation

All of us have a sense of adventure that attracts us to various vacation spots. Discovering some of the most beautiful places on earth is quite a task. There are so many places to see, yet such little time to travel. Everyone needs a vacation to wind down and take some time away from the hectic routines that we push ourselves into. Additionally, traveling helps us explore distinct cultures and feed our souls with the breathtaking views different places have to offer. There are many places that one needs to travel to before they die, so it can't ... [read more]

How To Surprise Your Kids With A Disneyland Vacation!

We all know that it’s pretty much every kid’s dream to go to Disneyland. Many parents want the whole thing to be a surprise to make it that little bit more special! While it won’t be too hard to keep the secret, the question is- what’s the best way to reveal the surprise to your kids? If you’re thinking about booking the trip (and doing the whole surprise thing), you might like a look at these great surprise reveal ideas. Do a scavenger hunt Scavenger hunts can be a really fun game plus an excellent way to gradually reveal a massive ... [read more]

Money Saving Tips for Dads to Plan Perfect Vacation for Kids

Did you promise your little girl that you will give her the best summer vacation but now you are worried about the budget? Don't worry dad, because you can still be her hero by planning a trip that your kids will remember forever, that too without blowing your budget! In this article, we will discuss some important tips for the daddies to help them plan a fun vacation that suits their pockets. Involve the Kids Kids always love to help their dads, especially their daughters. So, why not create a buzz around their upcoming vacation and ... [read more]

8 Ways to Maintaining Your Home When You’re Gone on A Trip

As the man of the house, it’s your responsibility to make sure to maintain it 24/7. When you and the family head out for an extended trip, there are some extra details to pay attention to before you leave. From heating and cooling, water filtration and electricity to securing your home in general, here are a few to-dos to check off before vacation. Make sure your appliances are in great shape before making the trip. If all else fails, check out to make sure they all are good before leaving. 1. Adjust the ... [read more]

Ways You Can Start Saving for Summer Vacation

You’ve heard of the saying, “summer bodies are made in the winter”—well, summer vacation is made in the winter, too. Although it may seem a bit preemptive to start thinking about summer vacation now, given we did just start the new year, it can make a world of difference. The family is counting on you to make it an epic time, so take charge now to set yourself up for the best dad award by fostering a successful summer vacation. Summer may seem far off but before you know it, the pools will start opening up and school will get out in no time. ... [read more]

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