• 5 Items to Have During the Winter Months in Georgia

    5 Items to Have During the Winter Months in Georgia

    You’re probably thinking, why are we talking about winter when it’s scorching hot every day. We know once it gets cold, it’ll be unbearable to go outside at times. With my daughter having a standout in the cold waiting for the bus in the morning. I’m sure there are many other parents that will face the same dilemma. To get prepared for the chilly weather, here are a few accessories that the kids will need. Heated Gloves During my time as a kid, we all had those regular gloves to keep our hands warm. With modern technology, the kids have it so much better so why not take advantage of…

  • Exercising in the Winter
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    Tips for Staying Motivated with Exercise During the Cold Winter Months

    With Fall and Winter coming up, the weather is going to be getting much much colder outside. I don’t know about all of you, but when it’s cold outside I get in an exercise funk and there is something comes over me that makes me just really not want to do that! It is important that you don’t stop your regular exercises during the cold months of the year because you not only don’t want to gain that weight from the all of the food that you will be consuming but you always don’t want to lose the muscle and stamina you have been building up all Summer. Here are…

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    10 Expert Tips For Preparing Your Car For Winter

    Getting your car ready for cold weather can be an important process, that doesn’t mean that it has to be a hard one. If you stick to these tips you’ll be able to get your car ready quickly and easily. By following these expert tips for preparing your vehicle for cold weather, you’ll be ready for anything that Mother nature can throw at you, no matter how cold it gets! -Make sure that you check your battery and make sure that it’s running on full cycles and charging properly. There are many professional businesses that will help you by checking your battery for free. -Clean out the old anti-freeze. Make…