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Wardrobe Building Basics Every Man Needs

There comes a point with everyone’s wardrobe where it’s just time to update it and make some changes. Perhaps you’ve recently started a new job, maybe you’re looking to dress in a more put-together and professional fashion, or maybe you just want to build a higher quality wardrobe that holds up better. Whatever the reason for updating it, a wardrobe needs to start with a selection of basic pieces. Here we’ll look at the must-have wardrobe building basics that every many needs. These basics ... [read more]

3 Investment Ideas For Those Who Want To Grow Their Income

When it comes to securing your income and the well-being of your family, there’s nothing that compares to the positive impact of smart investment strategies. An investment, per definition, works for you while you don’t need to work for it as much as you would for a day-to-day activity, which means that you can decide on smart investment strategies while you keep your everyday job. In other words, there’s the potential for most families to maximize their income and secure future revenues while ... [read more]

Daddy’s Hangout 2017 Week 14 NFL Predictions

Welcome to Week 14 of the NFL season as this begins the final quarter of the season. My record last week was 5-2, which boosted my overall record to 51-38 and raised my winning percentage from 56.8 to 57.3%. Hopefully I can go on a winning streak like my college predictions, which stands at 11 heading into bowl season. Like last week, there will some major match-ups with playoff implications and possible match-ups. The week will start in Atlanta as the division leading Saints visits the Falcons. ... [read more]

3 Awesome Platforms to Make Your Life Easier

Technology has done wonders for the population. Forget about the Y2K panic, forget about the machines taking over (for now), for the time being, technology is here to help. Since the dawn of the tech age, which ushered in disruptive technologies, reinvented the wheel and allowed you to connect to anyone, anywhere, businesses have been taking advantage of the potential offered by new tech to refresh their business and make life easier for you. The innovative technologies offered can help ... [read more]

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Daddy’s Hangout 2017 Week 14 NFL Predictions

Welcome to Week 14 of the NFL season as this begins the final quarter of the season. My record last week was 5-2, which boosted my overall record to 51-38 and raised my winning percentage from 56.8 to ... [read more]

Philadelphia Eagles Lock Up Alshon Jeffery for 4 More Years

The Eagles have signed wide receiver Alshon Jeffery to a four-year contract extension that runs through the 2021 season, the team announced Saturday. The deal is worth $52 million and includes $1 ... [read more]

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4 Amazing Gifts from Babbleboxx for the Holiday Season

This post is sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media. As a Father, we often get left out when it comes to receiving gifts. Over the years, it’s something I’ve grown accustomed to but if my kids are taken care of it has never mattered. Don’t get me wrong, whenever I can get… [read more]

3 Amazing Ways to Power Up Your Toolbox

Whether you’ve been a DIY master from the moment you first picked up a toy hammer, or you’ve recently developed an interest in such a useful hobby, you’ve probably received a lot of advice on what needs to be in every man’s toolbox. Wrenches, sockets, and pliers are all useful things to add to your… [read more]

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Michael Jackson’s Thriller Turns 35 Today

It’s hard to believe that Michael Jackson’s Thriller was released 35 years ago today. Thriller has been regarded as one of the best albums ever released. Till this day, Thriller is the highest selling ... [read more]

B.G. Big Tymers Get Your Shine on for Throwback Thursday

When it came to Cash Money Records and the Hot Boys, B.G. was by far my favorite of the group. Unfortunately, B.G. is currently locked up in prison doing a 14-year bid on gun chares and witness ... [read more]

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#AD MyQ® Home Bridge from Chamberlain is A Must-Have for the Family

This post is sponsored by Chamberlain. I was paid for this post and received the featured Home Bridge as compensation. Nowadays when you look around, it seems like everything can be controlled through your smartphone. Honestly, I do pretty much everything possible on my phone, which is why I upgraded to accompany all the apps I have. I’m just as guilty as anyone else when it comes to social ... [read more]

Celebrate National Pizza Month in October

I received the product for review for my honest opinions. All opinions are 100% mine. Let’s be honest for a minute, I’ve never met anyone in my lifetime that doesn’t like pizza. My family usually want some pizza about every other week and sometimes more. Recently, I found out that there’s actually a month dedicated to pizza. October is viewed as National Pizza Month, so October isn’t just ... [read more]

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