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Several Great Amazon Prime Day 2020 Deals for You

It is now official that the Amazon prime day 2020 has been delayed. The retailer has already confirmed that this year’s prime day will take place later in the year. It is a significant change for the bargain hunters because the Amazon prime day is one of the biggest retail holidays for the year. As at now, there is no need for fretting. Retailers are now making up for the absence of the Prime Day deals with the back to school sales that are now booming. However, if you visited this page for ... [read more]

7 Helpful Tips When Adding Value to Your Home on a Budget

We all want to do what we can to add value to our homes. However, when working within a budget this can seem easier said than done! Moreover, you may be concerned about committing valuable funds to projects but seeing no return on your investment when you eventually sell up. Bear in mind that there is a lot you can do to add value to your home without breaking the bank. You might be surprised at how the smallest of changes can do a lot when it comes to adding value to your ... [read more]

Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Released 25 Years Ago by Raekwon

  The Wu Tang Clan became instant hip hop stars when they released the 36 Chambers album. Afterwards, just about every member released a solo project. Method Man, Ghostface, GZA and ODB went on to drop solo joints after the 36 Chambers album. 25 years ago today, Raekwon dropped one of the greatest hip hop albums ever. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx or the Purple Tape changed the game when it dropped. They called it the Purple Tape because the cassette tape was purple, which was different from ... [read more]

2020 Tech Trends Closely to Improve Current Standing And Traffic To Your Site

Technology is on the rise, and it keeps on changing. It becomes tough to stand with one technical notion as those changes even before you blink an eye. It is evolving at a rapid pace, which makes annual predictions even harder for experts. With technical advancements, you get to receive faster progress and changes. That helps in causing an accelerated growth of the current change. In no time, this change turns exponential. There are some leading changes taking place even to your known tech ... [read more]

5 New-Age Ways of Relaxation for Dads

Life is getting more complicated day by day with pressures from various aspects of life wearing.  Such an intense lifestyle can take a toll on you. You will experience a lot of these pressures as a father in this generation. Bearing a ton of social responsibilities, you will always need some relaxation time for yourself to take a nice break and to start afresh. Fortunately, with the added responsibilities of the new age, there are also some incredibly effective ways to relax your mind and body ... [read more]

This Is How We Do It Montell Jordan for Throwback Thursday

Once again, we have arrived at another Thursday which makes it closer to the weekend. The Wu Massacre album and Fishscale by Ghostface were a couple albums played this week. My personal Jeezy Greatest Hits and disc 1 of 2Pac Greatest Hits were also played along with the new Rhapsody album. Montell Jordan’s debut album was the final one this week. This is How We Do It went on to become an iconic track. 25 years later, it’s still one of those songs you hear and immediately start singing. This is ... [read more]

27 No Limit Records Albums That Should Be In Your Collection

Tonight is the world premiere of the No Limit Chronicles on BET. No Limit Records had one of the great runs in hip hop. Master P was dropping a new album from a different artist every other week. Trust me; I was buying everything No Limit was dropping. Master P, C-Murder, Silkk the Shocker, Mia X, TRU, Mystikal, Snoop Dogg and Magic. Fiend, Mac, Soulja Slim, Kane & Abel, 504 Boyz, Big Ed, Mr. Serv-On, Young Bleed and some movie soundtracks. No Limit Records went on to sell about 75 million ... [read more]

7 Helpful Tips on Surviving Long Drives With Your Kids

Taking your kids on a road trip can be a great bonding opportunity - at least once you arrive at your destination. Having a plan to make sure you can survive this long road trip with the kids is crucial. They need more breaks than you do, and you never know what might set them off on a long drive. Here are some pointers you can use to make sure everybody arrives relaxed and safe:   1. Go Overnight Going overnight is probably going to be the easiest and most hassle free way of driving ... [read more]

Smokey Bones Build on Successful BOGO Offers Program

Meat-loving Smokey Bones fans can start their week off on the right foot with BOGO offers Monday through. Following its successful Monday BOGO Wings and Wednesday BOGO Pulled Pork Platters, Smokey Bones creates a new BOGO Tuesday offer to celebrate National Grilling Month. Every Tuesday enjoy a ½ BBQ Chicken platter for $15.99- $16.49. All buy one, get one offers are good for call-in, online, and dine-in orders. The offers include (prices may vary):   Monday:        Wings – ... [read more]

3 Reasons Why You Should Give Jupiter Organic CBD Oils a Try

CBD products have become extremely popular over the last few years. Some use the product for pain and some for anxiety, but CBD is used for so much more. For me, I’m someone that can’t sleep plus knee pain throughout the years from a childhood injury. One of the first things I’m watching when choosing the products is if it’s organic. You will find a lot of products that’s not up to your standards. Jupiter Organic CBD Drops is the newest products that I’ve got to try out. The first thing that was ... [read more]

8 Ways Facebook Live Has Opened Up New Avenues for Marketers Around the World

Facebook live was rolled out in the year 2016. It gave users a space to create real live videos. These videos are hosted in real time. They are broadcasted over a large audience. They can also be promoted in other platforms. Its’ function is really simple. To conduct a live video, you need two very simple things - camera and good network connection. Facebook live videos can be hosted for up to 8 hours. They won’t get deleted after that. They are grouped in your archive folder. You can repost ... [read more]

Bone Thugs N Harmony Released E. 1999 Eternal 25 Years Ago Today

Bone Thugs N Harmony is one of the greatest hip hop great of all-time. Bone Thugs N Harmony released E. 1999 Eternal album 25 years ago today. E. 1999 Eternal was the follow-up to their major label debut EP, Creepin’ On Ah Come Up. Being a huge hip hop heads, this is one album I remember purchasing when it was released. The first single, 1st of Da Month was released a little over a month before the album dropped. 1st of Da Month went on to go gold and nominated for a Grammy. The single became ... [read more]

Mookie Betts Signs Mega Deal with Los Angeles Dodgers

Mookie Betts became one of the richest athletes by signing a mega deal with the Dodgers. Star outfielder Mookie Betts and the Los Angeles Dodgers have agreed on a 12-year, $365 million extension that keeps the former American League MVP from reaching free agency this winter. When you combine the one-year, $27 million contract he's currently playing out, Betts' total comes to 13 years and $392 million. The deal tops the previous extension record of $360 million signed by Mike Trout and includes a ... [read more]

J. Cole Too Deep for the Intro for Throwback Thursday

Welcome to another Thursday as we inch closer to the weekend. My playlist this week consisted of Jodeci, En Vogue and Mariah Carey. Diary of A Mad Band, En Vogue’s debut and E=MC were the albums plus a Young Buck mixtape and Big Pun’s Yeah Baby joint. We had quite a bit to choose from we’re going in another direction. J. Cole just released two new tracks that’s rumored to be part of his upcoming album, The Fall Off. The Lewis Street singles are called The Climb Back and Lion King on Ice. The ... [read more]

5 Most Alarming Signs You Are Headed for a Divorce

Divorce rates have increased dramatically in the last couple of decades, and amid the coronavirus pandemic, these statistics are getting even more horrifying. As a result, the competent divorce attorneys like Woodlands divorce lawyer are enjoying a significant boom in their businesses. The facts that spouses are now spending more time with each other, and that the financial aspects of marriages are incredibly strained due to pay cuts and layoffs, are contributing heavily towards the rise in ... [read more]

4 Ways Getting Finances in Order During Pandemic

There are many things that have gone bad in the year of 2020. The biggest thing to happen is definitely the ongoing pandemic that’s haunting the world. This pandemic is a terrible thing, but there are many remarkable things to come out of all of this. For one, I’ve been furloughed a few times and worked from so I’ve had a lot of family time. We have spent extra time together playing games and making good use of technology. Seeing that we’re not going anywhere, we have been saving money in the ... [read more]

Mellow Mushroom Takes a Trip Through Time for Way Back Wednesdays

You may have heard of #throwbackthursday, but Mellow Mushroom is introducing Way Back Wednesdays.  Every Wednesday, starting now – September 2, Mellow Mushroom will offer the Way Back Wednesday meal package for only $19.74 – in honor of the year Mellow Mushroom was founded. The Way Back Wednesday package includes one small cheese pizza, one small pepperoni pizza, and choice of pretzel bites or a regular Caesar salad.  The offer is good for online orders only and can be placed ... [read more]

5 Ways Technology Helps Staying Home During Pandemic and Georgia Heat

With this Covid-19 pandemic and this heat in Georgia, there’s two important factors in staying in your home. The only times we’re leaving the house is to go grocery shopping and work. When home, I’m either reading a book, streaming shows or finding ways to make some money. With sports basically at a standstill, I’m no longer playing Draft Kings, but checking out Dunder casino in NZ. When the entire family is home, we have quite a few ways to keep ourselves entertained. I’ll be honest, technology ... [read more]

Rick Ross Released Teflon Don 10 Years Ago Today

Rick Ross released Teflon Don 10 years ago today. Teflon Don marked his fourth album and to me it marked him transitioning to a great rapper. Rick Ross just teamed with August Alsina to drop the Entanglement track, which adds to the Will and Jada drama. Teflon is the second biggest selling album in his discography as it only trails his debut, Port of Miami album. Less than two months before Teflon Don, Rick Ross dropped the dope Albert Anastasia EP mixtape. The year before, Rick Ross dropped his ... [read more]

The Horror Show at Extreme Rules PPV Review

Welcome to the Horror Show at Extreme Rules PPV. If you’re a wrestling fan, this is a great weekend for us all. Unfortunately, I’m not spending $50 for a PPV despite hearing great things about Slammiversary. We had Braun Strowman defending the Universal Championship against Bray Wyatt in a Swamp match. Drew McIntyre put up his WWE Championship against Dolph Ziggler. Bayley defended her SmackDown Women’s Championship against Nikki Cross. On Raw, Asuka put her Women’s title against Sasha Banks. ... [read more]

Beer and Cigars: What Makes a Great Pair?

You need not be a cigar aficionado for you to enjoy an exquisite roll. In the same way, you need not be a craft beer connoisseur for you to enjoy any one of the many options available. Both craft beers and cigars have ceased being status symbols. It used to be that cigars are for the rich and famous. Today, cigars have become more accessible to anyone. It used to be that they are matched with whiskey, but today craft beer lovers would love to pair it up with a well-refined cigar. Pairing ... [read more]

Snoop Dogg Still A G Thang for Throwback Thursday

It was just announced yesterday that we have a legendary Verzuz coming up next week. We have Snoop Dogg taking on DMX, which should be good and entertaining at the same time. Snoop and DMX are two of the greatest rappers to ever pick up a mic. With today being Thursday, we’re getting closer to the weekend. My playlist this week consisted of the new albums from Lil Baby and Run the Jewels, plus Volume 6 of my 2Pac B-Day Mix. We also played the Tear the Club Up Thugs, the debut joint from Jodeci ... [read more]

Derrick Henry Signs 4 Year Deal to Remain in Tennessee

Derrick Henry signs 4-year deal to remain in Tennessee for the foreseeable future. The Tennessee Titans and star running back Derrick Henry have reached agreement on a four-year, $50 million contract that includes $25.5 million guaranteed. Derrick Henry lead the league in rushing last year and almost guided the Titans to the Super Bowl. They fell to the eventual champion, Kansas City in the AFC Championship game. The Titans have announced the deal is official but didn't include the terms. In one ... [read more]

Chris Jones Signs Massive 4 Year Deal with Kansas City

Chris Jones inked a new 4-year deal with the Kansas City Chiefs. Jones has insisted that he want a long-term term deal instead of signing the franchise tender. The Kansas City Chiefs and defensive tackle Chris Jones have reached agreement on a four-year contract. The contract is worth $80 million with $37 million due at the signing. Chris Jones is guaranteed $60 million and with $5 million in incentives, the deal could be worth $85 million. The Chiefs and Jones, who received the team's franchise ... [read more]

Top 5 Fun & Creative Items for Your Home Office

If you’re anything like us, you aspire to be more of a Jim than a Dwight. A little bit of humor can go a long way in brightening up an otherwise long and stressful day at the office, and having a more humorous and relaxed work environment has even been linked with a longer life and better mental health. Unfortunately, many bosses lack a sense of humor, so your hilarity will have to be restricted to your office or cubicle when you’re at work. While pranking your coworkers like Jim might be ... [read more]

4 Great Anniversary Gifts Your Husband Will Love

Father’s Day was a couple weeks ago and I’m sure that all dads were spoiled. For many, like me we still have those anniversaries right around the corner. I’ve gotten a pretty good idea on what I’m getting my wife for ours as I’m intending to spoil her. For me, I’m usually hard to choose for because there are not too many things I’m in need of. There are so many websites that cater to men and have some awesome gifts. One of those sites is called Trend Him. Trend Him is where I’ve recently got ... [read more]

The Upsides Of Investing In Technology: How To Bring Your Family Together

We often read headlines or hear people on TV discussing the potential disadvantages of living in a high-tech world. Technology can distract families, occupy too much time and eliminate traditional communication techniques, but there’s no doubt that it also offers a valuable opportunity to connect people. There are both positives and negatives, and it’s useful to understand the upsides of investing in technology. As lockdown means that many of us are spending more time in our homes than ever ... [read more]

Nipsey Hussle Victory Lap for Throwback Thursday

Once again, we have arrived at another Thursday which means we’re closer to the weekend. Since returning to work, I’ve gotten a chance to listen to more music this week. My playlist consisted of All Eyez on Me Disc 1, Life after Death CD 2 and The B. Coming from Beanie Sigel. The Dead Prez & Outlawz mixtape, an unreleased Dogg Pound CD and the Lil Baby also was played. My selection came from the last album that was in my selection this week. Despite not being over 10 years old, this is still ... [read more]

Changes in Online Bingo Tech – How Bingo Tech Has Evolved

Eyes down, because today we’re going to be discussing a game that many of you no doubt hold near and dear to your hearts. Yes, we’re talking about the great British tradition that is bingo. For centuries we’ve been playing bingo in one form or another, yet it is only recently that the game itself has undergone undoubtedly its most radical transformation yet, thanks to the prevalence of online bingo. Whereas bingo was once upon a time relegated solely to the bingo halls, once the internet ... [read more]

Worx Portable Power Cleaner One of My Best Father’s Day Gifts Ever!

Father’s Day has come and went, and I’ll admit it was one of my better ones. The cards are always the best, but the clothing, new wallet, socks, boxers, tank tops and others. My new Worx Portable Power Cleaner was definitely the surprise of my day. I’ve been trying to decide for years if I wanted to invest in one. It’s been probably 3 or 4 years since the house was pressure washed. We have been living in this house for over 8 years and I have never pressure washed the stairs or concrete. The ... [read more]

How Technology Plays A Pivotal Role for The Evolution of Social Media

Since the emergence of the social-technology period, marketers have renowned the perspective of Wikipedia, blogs, and online networks to support lines of brand communication and partnership, and to revitalize information sharing. Many brand experts have realized that by harnessing the originality and competencies of wide-range sponsors, can increase organizational efficiency to advertise products and technologies. Altogether, spreading new technologies across the social platform is slightly ... [read more]

5 Ways to Help Deal with Depression

Depression is something that millions of peoples are dealing with on an everyday basis. With the change of times, people are putting more of an emphasis on treatment and getting help. When growing up in the late-80s to early 90s this was something no one talked about. As I’ve looked back to my younger years, depression is something that was experienced by myself as a pre-teen. Unfortunately, a knee injury prevented me from playing sports anymore and it was heartbreaking. Seeing all your friends ... [read more]

4 Atlanta Braves Players Test Positive for Covid-19

With the baseball season getting ready to start their 60-game season, players are test positive for Covid-19. Four members of the Atlanta Braves -- Freddie Freeman, Will Smith, Touki Toussaint and Pete Kozma -- have all tested positive for COVID-19, manager Brian Snitker said Saturday. Snitker said Freeman, a four-time All-Star first baseman, is still battling a fever and it could be "a while" until he returns. Snitker said Smith and Toussaint, both relief pitchers, have been asymptomatic. Under ... [read more]

5 Premium Grooming Products from Hue That All Men Should Have

One of the things that’s apparent these days is that companies are catering to the needs of dads. While it has been a long time coming, we need something that’s good for African Americans. Our hair and skin require special product and it’s really hard to find. Fortunately, I’ve been able to try out a company called Hue. Hue for Every Man is exactly what it says. Hue is great for all men with diverse types of skin and hair. The premium grooming products works on all textures of hair and skin no ... [read more]

What are Top 5 Kodi Sports Addons and Free VPN for PS4?

The top Kodi sports addons have a lot of benefits by being a part of the Kodi streaming community, which features endless entertainment of all sorts. You can find many fantastic options on Kodi by installing this free app from free live TV to online education. The top free sports add-ons for Kodi are so easy to install and use. In this article, we will discuss Kodi sports add-ons, which make it a fantastic place for live sporting action and reply content on demand. These Kodi sports add-ons ... [read more]

Mystikal Ain’t No Limit for Throwback Thursday

Once again, we have arrived at another Thursday which means it’s almost the weekend. My playlist this week only consisted of Fat Joe’s Loyalty album and 112’s Pleasure and Pain. Since I’ve been home all week the only album that was played was Unpredictable from Mystikal. Mystikal will be the featured artist this week. The Unpredictable album was his No Limit Records debut and it went on to go platinum. The Unpredictable album was the first No Limit project Snoop jumped on as he still wasn’t ... [read more]

5 Great Skills and Hobbies You Can Take Up This Summer

You don’t have to go on vacation to have a great summer. You can still have the fun and excitement of summer days without leaving your home. This summer, you might find yourself with more free time than usual, and this is the perfect opportunity to learn new skills, do some self-development and work on areas in your life that have always been on your resolutions list. Improving yourself is always a clever idea, and when you grow into new areas of interest and skill, you get to learn new ... [read more]

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