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Getting Back on the Road After an Accident

Driving is dangerous. There’s no point in denying that. While modern cars are much safer than older vehicles, and safety regulations, road laws and driving standards mean that the roads are much safer than they’ve ever been before, when you are driving at speed on a busy road, there is always going to be a risk. You can do what you can to look after your car, and you can drive as carefully as possible, but unfortunately, you can’t guarantee that everyone else on the road will be doing the same, ... [read more]

Daddy’s Hangout Stomping Grounds PPV Review

Honestly, with the way the WWE have been going lately I was going to skip the Stomping Grounds PPV. With the Super Showdown still fresh in a lot of fans memory, this PPV wasn’t doing it for me. If you read online, fans have been shitting on the product for a while now. With the emergence of AEW and their successful, Double or Nothing the WWE have got to get things right. I’m not one on the AEW bandwagon because you can throw events together, but we’ll see after months being on TV. Anyways, I’m ... [read more]

Why Learning To Play a Guitar is a Good Idea

A guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments in the world. And due to its portability, you can carry it to wherever you are going. Besides that, it gives you the privilege of enjoying your favorite tunes even when you are in the middle of nowhere. Research shows that millions of people have an interest in learning how to play a guitar. Technology has also made it easier for everyone to learn this amazing art. Nowadays, you can get guitar lessons at the click of a button. All you have ... [read more]

Quick and Easy Meals to Bring the Family Together

When the workday has proven uncharacteristically busy, the last thing exhausted parents feel like doing is cooking. However, no matter how tired you may be, your family still needs to eat. What can you whip up in a jiffy when you didn't take time to do any weekend food prep and you forgot to set the slow cooker up in the morning? Quite a bit, actually. The recipes below require 30 minutes or less to prep, and they are sure to please even picky palates. Next time you need a satisfying meal in ... [read more]

Jadakiss Kiss of Death Released 15 Years Ago

If you follow or know me, I’ve gone through spells where Jadakiss must be heard. The last project from Jadakiss was released in November of 2017. Friday on Elm Street was a collaboration with Fabolous, and it was dope. Kiss of Death was the follow up to his debut, Kiss Tha Game Goodbye. Kiss of Death actually went platinum and was a great album. Jadakiss built anticipation for the album by releasing Time’s Up that spring. Time’s Up was a fast-paced track that saw Jadakiss spitting and the late, ... [read more]

Where Will Kevin Durant Sign During Free Agency?

With the 2019 NBA Draft finished, it’s time to focus on free agency. This year, the free agency period starts on June 30th and this will be one of the best classes ever. The focus is what will happen with Kevin Durant when free agency hits. As we all know, Kevin Durant suffered a ruptured Achilles in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. Wherever Kevin Durant signs, most likely he won’t play next season. Many think Kevin Durant is the best player on the planet. Durant have won scoring titles, a league MVP, ... [read more]

Daddy’s Hangout Presents Mixtape Friday Volume 24

Welcome to another week for Mixtape Friday. This week, we’ll have Mixtape Friday Volume 24. Everything started with a dope mixtape. DJ Prime Cuts released a classic mixtape with a lot of old-school hip hop. There are about 9 tracks from that project is featured. The following album I listened to be the Greatest Hits from Jon B. There are six tracks from Jon B, and it’s followed by a Big Mike Mixtape. There’s only a pair of tracks that’ll appear on this compilation. Mixtape Friday Volume 23 was ... [read more]

Bone Thugs N Harmony Dropped Debut Album 25 Years Ago

Bone Thugs N Harmony released their debut EP 25 years ago today. This is one album that I remember listening to the first time. When riding with a friend, he asked if I’ve ever heard of Bone Thugs N Harmony. At the time, despite being a hip hop head this is something that I’ve never heard of. My first impression was that these dudes sound is smooth as hell. After listening to Creepin On Ah Come Up in my friend’s car, the next day I had to get my own copy. The first single was Thuggish Ruggish ... [read more]

Pete Rock and CL Smooth for Throwback Thursday

Are you ready for another Throwback Thursday track? This week we have one of the all-time hip hop classics. Pete Rock and CL Smooth’s, They Reminisce Over You is that track. The track is from their debut album, Mecca and the Soul Brother. When it comes to hip hop there’s Records that change the game and this is one of them. There have been many rappers that have listed this as a track that got them into hip hop. Pete Rock is one of the dopest producers ever and CL Smooth is underrated on the ... [read more]

5 Habits That Make You Look Younger Than Your Actual Age

You often come across something in your daily routine that reminds you of your age. When you're opening a new account online, and one of the questions is your year of birth, scrolling down the years to choose your year can be depressing. You feel that those years that you have just missed, asking yourself where all that quality time has gone, and knowing it won't ever come back. Most certainly, the good thing is that looking younger than your actual age isn't a severe problem. Adopt ... [read more]

Head to 2nd Annual La Fête du Rosé Wine and Music Festival

Following a second postponement due to inclement weather in Atlanta, organizers of La Fête du Rosé wine and music festival have announced that the second annual event will now take place on Saturday, June 29 from 12 PM to 8 PM in Piedmont Park. The festival will feature an all-star entertainment lineup including Mannie Fresh, DJ Stormy, DJ Jay Envy, The Mad Violinist Ashanti Floyd, and more. In addition, Krystal Garner of BET's "The Grand Hustle" will serve as emcee. Members of ... [read more]

A Father’s Guide: Hiring The Best Moving Company

You’ll have a lot of responsibilities once you become a father. Aside from providing for your family’s daily needs, you need to make sure that everyone, especially the kids, is guided towards the right path. You’ll also have to accomplish several responsibilities once your family decides to move. As a father, you have to carefully scout through different Brooklyn movers and hire the best moving company for your needs and budget. But with the number of moving companies operating today, do you ... [read more]

5 Unique Ways on How to Handle Family Stress

  Stress is usual and inevitable but how you handle family stress will determine or predict your level of success in future as folks and as a family. We need to understand that stress is in different forms and connotes diverse things to distinct categories of people. As a result, people experience stress in a multiplicity of a different state of affairs and in different degrees. It can be associated with ordinary events such as long queue at the supermarket, heavy traffic or due ... [read more]

3 More Stores Head to The Battery Atlanta

The Battery Atlanta announces the openings of Pepper Boxing, a Nashville-established boxing gym, Gio’s Chicken Siciliana, an Italian restaurant concept from Atlanta’s restaurateur Giovanni Di Palma, and Lush Nail Bar, a luxury nail spa. Pepper Boxing will open tomorrow, June 15, Gio’s Chicken Siciliana is set to open in the next few weeks and Lush Nail Bar is slated to open at the end of the month. “We are excited to welcome Pepper Boxing, Gio’s Chicken Siciliana, and Lush Nail Bar to The ... [read more]

Daddy’s Hangout Presents 2Pac B-Day Mix Vol. 8

First off, Happy Birthday to the late, great Tupac Shakur. 2Pac would’ve been 48-years-old today and could you imagine Pac being 48? If you know me personally or online, you know that 2Pac is forever my personal Greatest Of All Time. It’s crazy that he’s been gone almost 23 years and he’s just as influential in a lot of today’s artists. As far as my 2Pac B-Day Mixes, this is Volume 8 and most likely the final one. For all my fellow Pac fans, you can peep the previous seven. For his 48th ... [read more]

Anthony Davis Traded to Lakers from Pelicans

Anthony Davis traded to Lakers. New Orleans will receive Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart and 3- first round draft pick. One of those first round picks is the 4th overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. After months of speculation, Anthony Davis have finally been traded to Los Angeles. One of the Lakers promising young players, Kyle Kuzma will remain with Los Angeles. This deal has been talked about since the NBA trade deadline earlier in the year. Anthony Davis is scheduled to become a free ... [read more]

J. Cole Dropped The Warm Up Mixtape 10 Years Ago

J. Cole dropped The Warm Up mixtape 10 years ago today. The Warm Up was the follow up to his first mixtape, The Come Up that was released in 2007. Fast forward to 2019, J. Cole is one of the best rappers in the game. J. Cole is the head of his own label, Dreamville and they’re gearing up to release a compilation. Many people online knew how much I loved music before my blogging days, so they shared this and The Come Up with me. Ever since then, I’ve been a fan of J. Cole as he’s tied for my ... [read more]

Daddy’s Hangout Presents Mixtape Friday Volume 23

After a week off, we return with Mixtape Friday Volume 23. The previous week, most of the music that was listened to was repeats. This week we started with another one of my On the Run projects and this was number 26. The major label debut from Cyhi The Prynce was next ad it was one of my top albums from 2017. No Dope on Sundays is an amazing album and eighth tracks are featured on Volume 23 of Mixtape Friday. My personal Trick Daddy Greatest Hits followed, and this is another eight tracks. The ... [read more]

Geto Boys Geto Fantasy for Throwback Thursday

Bushwick Bill passed away Sunday night after a long bout with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. Of course, Bushwick Bill was a member of the legendary Geto Boys. Bushwick Bill was 52-years-Old. Throughout the years, Bushwick Bill was thought of as crazy and some of his music reflected that. Geto Boys was the first rappers that had me wanting to rap. Of course, Scarface is one of my all-time favorite rappers. As a group, Geto Boys was everything and Rap-A-Lot Records inspired me to write them a letter. ... [read more]

Celebrate National Jerky Day with T.O.P. Chops

Beef jerky can be known for its tough and chewy texture, but one snack brand believes consumers deserve a more tender experience. And in honor of National Jerky Day, they’re celebrating with 50% off first-time orders. T.O.P. Chops Jerky is a handcrafted jerky made from American beef with no additives or preservatives, and it’s grown from an at-home hobby to a thriving, national snack brand disrupting the jerky industry—in just six short years. Dusty Jaquins, who is one of the co-founders ... [read more]

10 Ways to Keep the Family Active This Summer

With summer break upon us, many parents will be scrambling for ideas of how to keep their families active over the next couple of months. Staying active, both physically and mentally, can help families avoid the dreaded summer brain drain, where kids tend to lose some of what they learned during the school year, and it can help keep the body healthier. Plus, you can make some great family memories and everyone can learn something. There are numerous ways for the whole family to keep active this ... [read more]

DIY Guide To Painting Your Living Room

One of the worst things you can do as a homeowner would be to abandon the idea of renovating it every now and again. No matter how well-made it is initially, even if you're living in a perfect vacuum where nothing can penetrate through, over time, you're certainly going to see some traces of wear and tear. To battle this, you need to embark on occasional renovating sessions. Now, if your room of choice that's badly in need of restoration happens to be your living room, you've come to the ... [read more]

Home Security 101: How to Burglar-Proof Your Home

Did you know that there are about 1.4 million cases of burglaries reported in 2017 just in the United States of America? If you’re a homeowner, this statistic is something to be concerned about. Here’s another statistic you should be aware of 28 percent, or nearly 3 out of 10 of these burglaries happen when there’s someone at home. And, as anyone would have imagined, a confrontation between a member of the household and a criminal should be the last thing that should happen. With such ... [read more]

LL Cool J Released Third Album 30 Years Ago Today

LL Cool J released third album 30 years ago today. Walking with a Panther was his third consecutive good album LL Cool J dropped. During this time period, LL Cool J transitioned into more of a lady’s man with several tracks for the females. Despite the mixed responses, Walking with a Panther went on to sell over a million records. The album was catapulted to that plateau by releasing a total of five singles from the album. Going Back to Cali was the first single and it was one of LL Cool J’s ... [read more]

Carson Wentz and Eagles Inks Massive Contract Extension

We all expected sometime soon. Carson Wentz inks massive contract extension. The deal is a 4-year extension for $128 million dollars and $107.9 million dollars guaranteed. Carson Wentz is due $66 million dollars at the signing. The extension can escalate to a max of $144 million. Wentz's total deal is now six years for $154 million and can grow to a max of $170 million. Carson Wentz was the second overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. The following year, Wentz was playing at an MVP level before ... [read more]

Warren G Release Classic Debut 25 Years Ago Today

Warren G release classic debut 25 years ago today. Warren G have always been the ultimate hustler when it comes to the rap game. First off, Warren G is the half-brother of Dr. Dre and was a part of the group, 213 with Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg. Before his debut album, Regulate….G-Funk Era he produced records. 2Pac gave him a shot on the Poetic Justice Soundtrack and he produced the dope track, Indo Smoke on that soundtrack. Afterwards, Def Jam signed him, and the rest is history as he released ... [read more]

5 Most Weight Loss Friendly Foods on The Planet

Once dreaded for being high in cholesterol, entire eggs have been making a rebound. New investigations demonstrate that they don't antagonistically influence blood cholesterol and don't cause heart assaults. Not all calories are made an equivalent. Distinctive nourishments experience diverse metabolic pathways in your body. They can have immensely extraordinary impacts on your yearning, hormones and the number of calories you consume. If you want to know that how to make paneer butter masala ... [read more]

Check Out These 7 Eco-Friendly Ways to Clean Your Home

Almost every homeowner uses chemical cleaning products to clean their home, as they see them as necessary to remove dirt and germs. In recent years, it has become common knowledge that these cleaning chemicals are actually bad for our health and the environment. If you want to clean your home in a more environmentally-friendly way, then these simple changes to your cleaning routine are a great start. Not only will you have a clean home and save money, but you will also be protecting your ... [read more]

Warren G Nate Dogg Regulate for Throwback Thursday

Warren G Nate Dogg Regulate will forever be known as a hip hop classic. Just like MC Eiht from last week, we’re staying out West with a classic soundtrack record. In the 90s, the G-Funk sound was so smooth and hard at the same time. Regulate was featured on my personal favorite movie soundtrack, Above the Rim. Regulate became the lead single for Warren G’s debut album. Tomorrow will mark 25 years since Warren G released his classic debut, Regulate G-Funk Era album. The Above the Rim Soundtrack ... [read more]

AtGames® Announces the Legends Ultimate Arcade Machine

AtGames® Digital Media Inc., a leader in interactive entertainment products today announced the Legends Ultimate arcade machine. Among the hundreds of games that will appear on this full-size arcade unit is a large selection of classic arcade and home video games from licensors like Atari, ColecoVision, Data East, The Tetris Company, and more. Top game properties include Asteroids, BurgerTime, Centipede, Fighter’s History, Pong, and Tetris®, to name just a few. These favorites can be enjoyed ... [read more]

Daddy’s Hangout 2019 Father’s Day Gift Guide

It’s hard to believe that this year is going by so fast now. During this time of year, my dad is really heave on my mind. With Father’s Day around the corner, so many special moments run through my mind about him. On June 27th, my dad would turn 70-years-old. On one side, I’m sad about Father’s Day, but my kids lift my spirits as they make Father’s Day a big deal. Honestly, I’ve always been the type of father that love things like homemade cards. My two oldest kids are grown and my youngest one ... [read more]

Daddy’s Hangout Presents NXTTakeover XXV Review

Last night, we had NXTTakeover XXV and we didn’t have a main roster PPV. If you’re a wrestling fan, these last few weeks have been amazing. Two weeks ago, we had Money in the Bank. Last week, All Elite Wrestling has their debut PPV, Double or Nothing. It’s crazy to think it’s been five years since NXT started their Takeover events. In the main event, Johnny Gargano put up his NXT Championship against Adam Cole in a rematch of the last NXTTakeover. Velveteen Dream defended his North American ... [read more]

Entertainment for Entertainment’s Sake

In a world dominated by interconnectivity and an endless amount of entertainment, it is surprising that essential tasks are still accomplished around the world. While this is the case as of now, many in this world are pushing for artificial intelligence to take over the workforce entirely. When one observes the type of tasks that some people complete for work, it is only a matter of time until this becomes a reality. With this said, Facebook recently announced a contractual position which could ... [read more]

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