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Four High Octane Sports To Try Your Hand At

Are you a gym bunny looking out for your next endorphin kick or do you thrive on the adrenaline rush that you get after that particularly tricky rock climb? Here are four high energy sports that you may like to get your teeth stuck into. Marathon running Every serious runner’s dream is to one day take part in a marathon. Completing a marathon is a huge feat and a demonstration of not only physical strength and stamina but of mental determination and perseverance. So, how do you go about ... [read more]

Stuck in Property Limbo? Steps To Take When Your Home Won’t Sell

When it comes to buying and selling homes, there’s always going to be some element of stress involved. It’s a complex procedure that involves lots of chats with estate agents and lawyers, you have to negotiate on prices and usually get stung with a fair few costs you hadn’t even thought about too. However for most people, the buying and selling is usually over and done within a set period of time, and they’re free to get on with enjoying life in their new home. But what happens when things go ... [read more]

These Are 4 Of The Coolest Helicopter Rides in The World

Who doesn’t love a helicopter ride? It is one of those experiences that is accessible to all and that appeals to all ages. It is exciting enough to satisfy the thrill-seekers but safe enough to keep the safety-conscious happy. Whatever you taste in entertainment, you cannot fail to be impressed by a helicopter ride and the cost will not break the bank. In fact, it represents great value for money. If you are hoping to try out a helicopter ride as part of your holiday, here are some of the top ... [read more]

Fishing For Beginners – Making It An Unforgettable Experience

If your image of fishing involves sitting around some nondescript lake, waiting around all day (in the rain), catching nothing and going home smelly, wet and miserable - you wouldn’t be alone. For someone who’s never fished before, the concept can seem rather unappealing. Enter luxury fishing holidays with guided river trips - who knew this could be a thing? With the chance to discover epic Alaskan landscapes, learn a new skill and meet new people, suddenly the prospect of a fishing trip doesn’t ... [read more]

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Four High Octane Sports To Try Your Hand At

Are you a gym bunny looking out for your next endorphin kick or do you thrive on the adrenaline rush that you get after that particularly tricky rock climb? Here are four high energy sports that you ... [read more]

Highlights From Lou Williams Annual Basketball Camp

This past week NBA veteran guard, Lou Williams, of the Los Angeles Clippers and the Lou Williams Foundation hosted their 13th annual Lou Will Camp. This 4-day summer camp focuses on teaching ... [read more]

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4 Signs You’re Headed For Dadsville

“What’s Dadsville?” you might be wondering. It’s not a real place of course, but a state of mind. A state of mind in which you have become completely absorbed by the task of parenting, to the point where everything else in your life slips away.   It’s natural for this to happen; some might argue… [read more]

Fatherhood Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Be Yourself

There is no denying that parenthood is one of these things that can completely change your life for the better. However, it doesn’t mean – and should never mean – that you have to forget everything about who you were and what you enjoy to focus on your role as a father. Becoming a father… [read more]

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Missy Elliott Releases Debut Album 20 Years Ago Today

What can I say about Missy Elliott that haven’t already been said? She’s innovative, creative, got a great ear for talent and just damn talented. 20 years ago today, Missy Elliott released Supa Dupa ... [read more]

Nas Released Life Is Good 5 Years Ago Today

It’s hard to believe that Nas haven’t released his 11th album in 5 years today. During this time, he was dealing with a divorce, which prompted him to write this album. The picture on the album cover ... [read more]

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Upgrade Your Water Hose with the Black & Decker ZeroKink Water Hose

I received free products in return for a review. All opinions are 100% mine and the article is sponsored by BondMFG. It’s hard to believe that it’s summer once again. In Georgia, that means on those hot days we have that hot, humid weather we love to hate. On the cooler days, we either still spend time in the house or use that time to wash our cars. Usually, we head to the local car wash to ... [read more]

Enjoying Golden Grahams on Father’s Day Morning

This post is sponsored by Golden Grahams but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. First off, Happy Father’s Day to all the dads all around the world. I’ll be honest, my intentions were to lay in the bed and rest up the entire. It has been a long week with a lot of running around and my body is just tired. On top of that, we went out to dinner and a movie last night and I ... [read more]

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