Parenting & Technology: A Match Made In Heaven

Parenting & Technology

As a tech-loving male, gadgets are probably a key feature in many aspects of your life. In addition to providing fantastic entertainment, those products can be used to aid the process of housework as well as save time and money. But could those benefits additionally extend to the realm of parenting? Of course they could! While there’s no denying that the market is saturated with a lot of pointless parenting gadgets, there are many that will make life a lot easier. In truth, some of the best devices aren’t even made with parenting specifically in mind. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best.

Automatic Garage Door Opener

At a quick glance, you might think that an automatic garage door opener is little more than a vanity product. Sure, it looks cool and will impress the neighbors. But do you really need it? Well, actually, yes you do. Being able to open your garage with an App could be a lifesaver when trying to carry the kids, groceries, and other items into the home. Similarly, it can be very beneficial when it’s raining. Even if it seems a little lazy, it is a gadget that you’ll appreciate. And let’s face it; you’ll be using it on a daily basis too. If that doesn’t signify a useful investment, then what does?

Video Recording Equipment

Parenting & Technology

Whether it’s a camera or a smartphone, you probably own video recording equipment to celebrate the milestones in your child’s life. However, this isn’t the only reason to use this type of technology. Using CCTV cameras to protect your home is a great way to gain added peace of mind while reducing insurance quotes too. Meanwhile, small spy cameras can be a great way to check on your child while he/she is playing in their room or even sleeping. Again, if it puts your mind at ease while making parenting a little easier, then this has to be a worthwhile addition.

Instant Sanitizer

When you have a baby, sanitizing products is a constant struggle. But what if you could complete that process in just 60 seconds flat? You can, and those precious saved minutes will enhance your life drastically. It’s not only a case of saving time every single day. Possessing the Ellie machine also means you can act quickly when your baby needs a bottle or other items. This can be helpful through various stages of the day but is probably best noticed when you’ve forgotten to prepare the night feed. Seriously, 60 seconds. Amazing!

Video Games

Parenting & Technlogy

If you read the wrong news sources, you’ve probably been told that gaming is a menace to young minds. But those reports are wildly off the mark. Of course, you should keep them protected from GTA and other violent titles, but gaming can teach an array of skills. Moreover, playing together with your child is another fantastic way to connect. If nothing else, it gives you a chance to monitor the development of crucial skills too. Let’s face it; if you’re a gamer, this is a great excuse to keep that love going. Besides, it could be a way to gently push your child towards enjoying similar interests. Suddenly gaming doesn’t feel so evil.


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