Childrens Story by Slick Rick for Throwback Thursday

30 years ago today, the legendary Slick Rick blessed us with his debut album. The Great Adventures of Slick Rick skyrocketed him to bring one of the storytellers in hip hop. Back in late June, the album celebrated its 30th anniversary with notable names like Snoop Dogg and LL Cool J. The album inspired legendary rappers like Nas, Snoop and many more. For Throwback Thursday, the featured track is Children’s Story. Children’s Story is regarded as one of the best hip hop records of all-time. It has been sampled so many with Nas sampling it on his ... [read more]

Throwback Thursday 4/19/2012

To commemorate my upcoming 3 Disc set, well hold up it may be 4 Disc before I'm done with it honoring the year of 1988: The First Golden Era of Hip Hop, I'm going with a track that will appear on the set. This is Slick Rick's track, Children's Story from the Great Adventures of Slick Rick album. Enjoy ... [read more]

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