• Snoop Dogg Murder Was the Case for Throwback Thursday
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    Snoop Dogg Murder Was the Case for Throwback Thursday

    Welcome to another Thursday as that mean we are closer to the weekend. We had some R&B represented and of course, hip hop also. Keyshia Cole’s debut joint plus R.Kelly’s Hits and Unreleased Vol. 1 were played. The Big Tymers, Book of David by DJ Quik and Big Sean’s Detroit 2 was bumped. 4,5,6 from Kool G. Rap, Silverback Guerilla by Sheek Louch and the Sunset Park Soundtrack was also played. The final album that was bumped was the I Wanna Thank Me project from Snoop Dogg. I Wanna Thank Me was dropped a couple years ago and it was Snoop’s 17th solo album. The big hit from the album…

  • 4 Ways You Can Shake Things Up When You’re Stuck in A Rut

    4 Ways You Can Shake Things Up When You’re Stuck in A Rut

    We all know that feeling of being stuck in a rut. You might wake up in the morning questioning your life and where it’s heading or realize that you’ve lost sight of all your passions and things you used to enjoy. The COVID pandemic definitely hasn’t helped, since there hasn’t been much to do or many places we can go. Feeling stuck can leave you feeling outright miserable- but luckily, there are some things you can do to reconnect with yourself and with life again. Here are 4 ways you can shake things up when you’re stuck in a rut: 1. Identify the Cause When you’re stuck in a rut,…

  • 5 Ways on How to Maintain Your Car & Keep it in Good Shape

    5 Ways on How to Maintain Your Car & Keep it in Good Shape

    It is important that motorists know how to look after their automobile and keep it in the best possible condition, especially during the pandemic when many people have drastically reduced their mileage. Automobiles should not be left unused for too long, so it is important to take it out for a spin as well as to take a few steps to keep it in good condition. Read on to find out more. Check & Top Up Fluids First, it is a good idea to check the various fluids that the car needs to run properly and to top these up if required. The main fluids that need to be checked…

  • 7 Secrets to Being the World's Greatest Dad
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    7 Secrets to Being the World’s Greatest Dad

    Every dad wants to be the best dad in the world, but it isn’t just a title you can give yourself – you have to earn it. How exactly do you do that? There are many ways that you can legitimately become the best dad in the world, as far as your kids are concerned at least, and below you will find a few of them. Spend time with your kids Okay, so the most basic requirement of being the world’s greatest dad is to actually, you know, spend some time with your kids. Numerous studies have shown that boys who spend more time with their dads are less likely…

  • What Are The Benefits Of VoIP Services?

    What Are The Benefits Of VoIP Services?

    Unlike using a traditional phone system, VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol has numerous advantages to offer your business when it comes to telecommunications. VoIP is cost-effective and efficient for your business. There are many benefits that VoIP offers, and here are the main ones. 1)            Cost-Effective When using a traditional phone line, you will have to pay for every minute of call time. When making distant calls, the cost escalates even further. With VoIP, you only pay monthly charges, make inexpensive calls, and sometimes even get free calls. The hardware and software of VoIP come at a limited cost. You can get a VoIP provider that will offer you…

  • 5 Crucial Reasons You Need A Will
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    5 Crucial Reasons You Need A Will

        Most people know they should have a will. Despite knowing this, the majority makes no steps to get one drawn up. If you’re one of these people and still need convincing, here are five essential reasons you should finally bite the bullet and get a will draw up. There are no guarantees in life Though you may be taking all the necessary steps to stay healthy and fit, unexpected death can happen to anyone at any time. As difficult as it may be to imagine, you could develop a terminal illness or get into an accident. Many people avoid getting a will written up because they find it…

  • Master P
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    Ice Cream Man by Master P Released 25 Years Ago

    Master P is one of the many rappers that will never get their well-deserved props. Master P was the owner and CEO of No Limit Records. For those who are not familiar with No Limit, check out these 27 albums you should have in your collection. Master P was the ultimate hustler seeing he put out music, movies, toys and even a crack at the NBA. In total, P put out 16 albums, a few mixtapes & compilations and 3 movie soundtracks. Those soundtracks were I Got the Hook Up, I’m Bout It and Foolish. P started getting recognition after his 4th album, 99 Ways to Die. On his 5th…

  • The Fascinating History Behind Gaga Ball
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    The Fascinating History Behind Gaga Ball

    Gaga ball is a fast-paced, entertaining, and extremely fun game that originated in Israel back in the 1970s. With an addictive nature, this game quickly spread throughout the country, and, eventually, the world. This high-energy game keeps every player engaged, focused, and physically active through the sport’s fast-paced nature. How do you play Gaga ball? Gaga is played in a large fenced-in or blocked-in area, typically in the shape of an octagon or hexagon. The ‘pit’ consists of a flat wall consisting of asphalt, sand, dirt, turf, or a rubberized and artificial ground. s and a flat surface, co The gaga ball itself can differ depending on where you play…

  • Listen and Stream DMX First 2 Albums for Throwback Thursday
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    Listen and Stream DMX First 2 Albums for Throwback Thursday

    Welcome to another Thursday as that mean we are closer to the weekend. This week will be a little different. We are honoring the late, great DMX who passed away last Friday. DMX had a heart attack on April 2nd and succumbed a week later. He was 50 years old and was preparing for his comeback. There is a completed album he finished before passing away. DMX hit the scene by dropping 2 platinum albums in one year. It’s Dark and Hell is Hot dropped in May of 1998 and went 4x platinum. Flesh of my Flesh, Blood of my Blood was released in December of 1998. The album sold…

  • 7 Essential Grooming Rules for Men that Will Keep Them Healthy
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    7 Essential Grooming Rules for Men that Will Keep Them Healthy

    When it comes to personal hygiene and grooming, then there is no gender specification to it. Like women, they are required to take care of their skin, hair, and teeth; similarly, men need to focus on their grooming side as well. It’s a fact that when you need to stay healthy, you need to concentrate on the personal hygiene side as it contributes a lot. Without knowing about your health and wellness, people can see it with your appearance that you are perfect when you are appropriately groomed. The neat and tidy look needs lots of things, from well-cut hair to polished shoes. It takes a big book of rules…

  • Healthy and Disciplinary Habits That You Must Teach Your Baby
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    Healthy and Disciplinary Habits That You Must Teach Your Baby

    Adapting to healthy habits goes a long way in the life of a person. Don’t you agree? It helps in creating a strong personality and a vibrant aura around the person. And needless to say that this personality and aura attract people and play a crucial role in socializing. Well, socializing and learning crucial social skills is a bit of a mature talk, don’t you think? That’s why we’ll keep it for later discussion. As for this article, we’ll keep our target audience to parents and their kids. Perhaps if we are not wrong, you are a parent who wants nothing but goodness in your child’s life. And a life…

  • Informative Details on How Mobile Apps are Designed

    Informative Details on How Mobile Apps are Designed

    Designing a mobile application is an ambitious and strenuous process. Some mobile app designers work independently, while some work for design companies such as Brain Box Labs. Either way, developers must follow the application development process from start to finish. Researching the Industry Every industry requires a different approach when it comes to designing applications. App designers research the industries they’re in to find out who their target users are. This research will help design the program to fit the users’ goals best. People use applications for several reasons, and it’s critical for app developers to figure out why. Defining Goals The app development team sets the primary project goals.…

  • Several Ways on How to Relieve Anxiety Using CBD Oil
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    Several Ways on How to Relieve Anxiety Using CBD Oil

    Cannabidiol (CBD) is cannabis plant-derived oil. It is a natural material that is used in things such as oils and foods to provide a sense of comfort and peace. CBD is not psychoactive, contrary to its counterpart, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary ingredient of marijuana. Cannabis items such as CBD oil are controversially open to recreational marijuana use. Yet awareness of the potential health benefits of CBD oil is rising. Researchers examined the potential medicinal applications of CBD. Since CBD is not psychoactive, the state of mind of a person does not alter whether it is used. However, it can cause significant improvements in the body and has major medical advantages.…

  • 3 Ways On How to Create a Home Beer Garden
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    3 Ways On How to Create a Home Beer Garden

    With soaring temperatures just around the corner (fingers crossed everybody!), chances are you’re looking forward to heading to your local pub beer garden to soak in the rays and revel in the good times after a long winter cooped up at home. The thing is, only 38% of UK licensed premises have a beer garden, meaning competition for tables of six is going to be fierce. To get around this while the world gets back to normal, why not bring the pub to your back garden this summer? Here’s how… Build your beer garden Start by asking yourself what you want your beer garden to look like, and how permanent…

  • Spice up Your Dad’s Life with These Incredible Concentrate Choices
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    Spice up Your Dad’s Life with These Incredible Concentrate Choices

    Are you a regular cannabis user? If yes, then it is time for you to try something new. You may have heard about CBD concentrates and their growing popularity in the world of cannabis. However, CBD concentrates are not a new concept in the world of marijuana. The thing that makes concentrates a special and effective marijuana product is their potency and their ability to provide quick relief to its user. Moreover, these specifically engineered concentrates contain a high level of cannabidiol, which makes them ideal for vaping, dabbing, and as a part of edibles. That said, if you want your dad to feel the same effects, now is the…

  • See Why Wallpaper Isn't Just For the Ladies
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    See Why Wallpaper Isn’t Just For the Ladies

    In the year 2020, when all were trapped inside their homes, one trend took the Insta and Pinterest feeds by storm. While most selfies featured a minimalist background, #wallpaper girl was the one trending the ranks. Soon the trend picked up the pace and many other influencers on social media adopted it. However, this also created a significant disruption in the market for low-cost peel and stick wallpaper for homes. But, noteworthy is the fact that wallpapers aren’t just for the ladies. The Coolest Aesthetic The trend not only brought notice to the wallpaper in the back but also the aesthetic appeal it added to the subject. For homes of…

  • Virtual Brand the Burger Experience Revamps Menu
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    Virtual Brand the Burger Experience Revamps Menu

    Smokey Bones’ delivery-only burger brand, The Burger Experience, has revamped its menu with new burgers and a secret umami XTC sauce.  The curated menu features five quality burgers and new crinkle cut fries, all at a competitive price. The five burgers include a Classic, Classic with Cheese, a Bacon Cheeseburger, Mushroom Swiss Burger, and a Green Chile Burger – all served on a grilled brioche bun.  Bringing an extra zip to the burgers is the restaurant’s XTC sauce, a combination that includes umami notes of mustard, soy, and hoisin sauce for a savory and complementary taste that harkens back to the days of the original burger joints. The simplified menu…

  • A Detailed Look Ahead To WrestleMania 37
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    A Detailed Look Ahead To WrestleMania 37

    The WWE is one of the most watched combat sports in the whole world and has always been popular amongst many households dating back decades. However, the WWE community always comes together for events like this weekend as it is the pinnacle of the season as WrestleMania returns for its 37th episode this weekend. As WrestleMania always does promise fireworks every year, we do believe that this year has one of the most promising cards of recent times and below we preview some of the biggest fights on the card. Before WrestleMania kicks off at the weekend, many wrestling fans are migrating to online casino markets to ensure that they…

  • 3 Awesome Ways Wrestling Represented in Popular Media
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    3 Awesome Ways Wrestling Represented in Popular Media

    As one of the most exciting sports in entertainment, wrestling has always been able to gather a huge fanbase from young viewers to older audiences, to those who have grown up watching the sport to first time regular viewers – with the huge uptick in regular viewers of combat sports as a whole through the success of the UFC, wrestling has certainly started to find a growing audience here too with an impressive roster of crossover athletes that have helped bring a lot of stardom to each sport. A huge part of the commercial success for wrestling however has always been its own representation in different popular media, and with…

  • Ways to Build Your Small Home Gym and Add Beneficial Equipment
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    Ways to Build Your Small Home Gym and Add Beneficial Equipment

      “Sometimes, a workout is all the therapy you need.”   With the increasing cases of Covid-19, it has become tough to go out and visit the gym. But no matter what the situation is, keeping yourself healthy is very important. Now when we are talking about health, eating the right food is necessary, but with that, you even need to evaluate your workout schedule. As per the current situation, we are almost home arrested, so why not make a small gym at our home that will keep us stress-free and improve the healthy lifestyle as well. Isn’t it a great idea? Now the question arises is it possible to…

  • The Ultimate Natural Herbs for Men to Boost Testosterone
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    The Ultimate Natural Herbs for Men to Boost Testosterone

    When it comes to men’s health, looking for herbs or products that boost testosterone are highly searched items. Because your selected foods’ quality and nutrient level directly affect testosterone level in your body. Choosing bad quality food results in overweight, depression, increasing belly fat, finding difficulty building muscles, and many other issues. If you are happy with all these problems, then this post is not for you. But, if you are looking for a source that helps you come out of testosterone deficiency, keep on reading. You will get great suggestions to improve testosterone levels. 1. Black Ginger Extract Back Ginger is one of the best herbs for fitness freaks.…

  • Amazing and Healthy Ways to Stay Focused and Fit
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    Amazing and Healthy Ways to Stay Focused and Fit

    “There is a moment when you get older when your metabolism slows down and you don’t feel like working out anymore, so you don’t want to keep yourself fit any more, but that’s your decision. Why should you be judged for it?” -Janet Jackson It may interest you to know that the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that 19.3% of the United States population is involved in any sports type. Besides this, many people are fond of doing exercises regularly to attain a fit body and remain fit as a fiddle. That inspires the world to look upon new ways to remain healthy, eat well, do exercises daily, and be…