College Football Routine Along with Dr Pepper®

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dr Pepper® and Dollar General. All opinions are 100% mine.


Watching TV

This is my favorite time of the year with college football in full swing and now the fall weather is like the icing on top. This college football season is much different for me because it’s the first year without having my dad with me. Unfortunately, he passed away at the beginning of the year, and even though he’s no longer here I’m continuing our Saturday routines with him on my mind. Below are some of what we have always done on Saturdays during the college football season!!

Early Mornings
He never came down to my house until about the 3:30 game because he was running around with my mom, but early in the morning we would talk on the phone during college football pregame shows to discuss the best games and plan out our day.


What to eat
Now you can’t watch college football on an empty stomach, so I always asked him what he wanted to eat, and he would say it didn’t matter. For the most part, I usually cooked on the grill, but when we have those cold, rainy days I usually ordered something or cooked in the kitchen. One of my favorite dishes to cook lately has been deep fried fish and below are some instructions on what you need and how long to cook it.

• Some fish, usually I get the Whiting
• Batter
• Deep Fryer
• Put batter in a big mixing bowl
• Throw fish in there and batter it real good
• Before doing all of that, turn on deep fryer to get hot
• After battering fish real good, put in deep fryer for about 3 minutes

Dr. Pepper in Cooler

What to Drink
When it came to drinks, he always kept Dr Pepper® around him at all times, whether it was the one he was drinking, or he kept a case of Dr. Pepper® in his trunk all the time. You can say he has the entire family drinking Dr. Pepper® all the time, and we keep a cooler with them all the time. Right now if you head to Dollar General during the week of 9/27, you can get the 3/$9 deal on 12 packs, 6 packs and 8 packs of Dr. Pepper®.

There you have it, our Saturdays during college football season were usually full of smack talk, eating good, drinking good and just enjoying being around each other, which I miss the most. What are some of your routines you have during the college football season? How about trying the Smart Plays for Game Day planning tool? You can play the poll or take your meal-planning quiz to find special offers around college football at Dollar General.


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