Add 2 Great Movies from Walmart To Your Christmas List

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Add 2 Great Movies from Walmart To Your Christmas List #CollectiveBias #ManCaveMovieNight

With the holidays right around the corner, one of the big issues is finding gifts for everyone. When it comes to giving gifts, one of the things I’ve stopped doing is giving clothes. This holiday season I’m wanting to do something different that preaches family. With technology basically ruining families these days, I’m hoping to give gifts to bring them together. Before Christmas, there are 2 great movies that’ll be released right in time. Equalizer 2 is available now on Blu-Ray and you can pick it up at your local Walmart.If you thought Denzel Washington was a badass in the first Equalizer, you’ll have to check out Equalizer 2. The other movie is Venom is also available now on Blu-Ray at Walmart. When it comes to Marvel movies, you already know that you’re going to get an action-packed movie. 

Add 2 Great Movies from Walmart To Your Christmas List

Why Equalizer 2 Makes a Great Christmas Gift? 

Add 2 Great Movies from Walmart To Your Christmas List

First off, Denzel Washington is one of the best actors of all-time and definitely of this generation. The first Equalizer was great, and you know if Denzel Washington agreed to the sequel it’s going to be great.Throughout his historic career, Denzel Washington has never done a sequel to a movie. Equalizer 2 is packed with over an hour of action-packed bonus features. The Blu-Ray edition, which will be exclusively at Walmart contain the first Equalizer movie. While Equalizer 2 stars one of the best actors, director Antoine Fuqua is one of the best in the business. With your copy of Equalizer 2 from Walmart, you’ll get more features. Not only you’ll get the deleted and extended scenes, it contains a Retribution Mode. 

The Retribution Mode allows fans to watch the film alongside Denzel Washington and Antoine Fuqua. They take fans through the making of their favorite action scenes with exclusive in-depth and personal conversations. There’s also a pop-up trivia track for the exclusive Blu-Ray release from Walmart. 

Venom is the Newest Marvel Movie

Add 2 Great Movies from Walmart To Your Christmas List

Who isn’t a fan of Marvel movies? In the past, we’re used to their movies with the heroes conquer the day and have a happy ending. This time, they went in another direction and this time it features the anti-hero.Venom will become available at  Walmart on December 18th on Blu-Ray. The World has enough of superheroes, so enter Tom Hardy who stars as Venom. What family doesn’t have a movie collection, so they can have family nights by popping in a flick? Venom will fit nicely with other Marvel movies like The Avengers, Black Panther, Iron Man, Spider Man, Captain American and all the others. The Blu-Ray edition of Venom comes with over an hour of extended footage. You will also get the Venom Retro Action Figure movie gift set with your purchase. What are you waiting for? Head to Walmart and get this as a stocking stuffer. 

Add 2 Great Movies from Walmart To Your Christmas List

Are you ready for Christmas? Did you check out Equalizer 2 or Venom at the movies? Do you think they’ll make great Christmas gifts? Leave some feedback below. Click on the picture below to on and get your very own copies. 

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