8Ball & MJG On Tha Outside Lookin In Released 25 Years Ago

8Ball & MJG On Tha Outside Lookin In Released 25 Years Ago

My favorite album from 8Ball & MJG was released 25 years ago today. Comin Out Hard was eye opening, but On Tha Outside Lookin In took it to another level. A few days ago, we celebrated another milestone album from 8Ball & MJG. 8Ball & MJG’s fourth and final album on Suave House, In My Lifetime came out 20 years ago. On Tha Outside Lookin In is one of those albums that get played from the beginning to end. The only features on the album is from MC Breed, Crime Boss and Thorough from South Circle. If you’re from anywhere in the south, you know that Lay It Down was like our shit. The track featured Crime Boss and Thorough and all four went all the way in on this track. Lay It Down garnered all the attention and deservedly so, this album had plenty of bangers on it.

Lick ‘Em Up Shot, Crumbz 2 Brixx, Players Night Out, So What U Sayin and Anotha Day in the Hood are my other favorite tracks. I’ll always say that T-Mixx production brings out the best of 8Ball & MJG. Either way, this album made me a fanatic of 8Ball & MJG. Coming Out Hard, On Tha Outside Lookin In and On Top of the World are the first three albums from 8Ball & MJG. I’ve mentioned time after time that their first three albums are just as good as anyone else’s. Check out the track list below and it’ll be followed by the link for you to listen to it.

  1. Long Distance (Intro)
  2. Lick ‘Em Up Shot
  3. Crumbz 2 Brixx
  4. Players Night Out
  5. Sesshead Funk Junky ft. MC Breed
  6. So What U Sayin
  7. No Sellout
  8. Anotha Day in the Hood
  9. No Mercy
  10. On Tha Outside Lookin In
  11. Break-A-Bitch College
  12. Lay It Down ft. Thorough & Crime Boss

Where are all my 8Ball & MJG fans? Do you remember the On Tha Outside Lookin In album? How about Lay It Down? What’s your favorite tracks off the album? Leave some feedback below about anything related to the album or 8Ball & MJG.


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