Jeezy 1 Time for Music Monday

Jeezy 1 Time for Music Monday

Are you ready for another long week after the long 4th of July holiday? Let’s kick the week off with another Music Monday. The featured artist is none other than Atlanta’s own, Jeezy. The Snowman returned last week with his new track, 1 Time. Jeezy is definitely an Atlanta legend and deserves his props for his longevity. Around this time next year, Jeezy will be celebrating the 15th anniversary of Thug Motivation 101. Thug Motivation 101 is one of those flawless albums that you can listen to from the beginning to the end. Jeezy is prepping for Thug Motivation 104 and 1 Time is a great way to build anticipation for the upcoming album. Thug Motivation 104 is the follow-up to his Pressure album Jeezy released in 2017. Jeezy has stated that this upcoming album will be his final one.

Make sure you check out Jeezy’s new track, 1 Time. Thug Motivation 104 will be his 9th album. Below is the stream link for Apple Music and Spotify. After checking out the track, 1 Time what do you think about the track? Are you looking forward to the Thug Motivation 104 album? Leave some feedback below about anything related to Jeezy or his new track.


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