Master P Mr. Ice Cream Man for Throwback Thursday

Master P Mr. Ice Cream Man for Throwback Thursday

Master P doesn’t get the proper credit he deserves in the hip hop community. Master P helped Snoop Dogg’s career and brought the business mind to rap. No Limit Records is my second favorite rap label of all-time. Master P put out so many artists during their run. Recently, it has been announced that Master P have put together a No Limit Reunion Tour. Master P, Mia X, Snoop Dogg, Fiend, Mr. Serv-On, Mystikal, Silkk the Shocker and more. Master P put out a few album before blowing up, but Ice Cream Man started everything for me. It’s been over 23 years since Master P released the classic album. My Throwback Thursday track is the title track to the album. Mr. Ice Cream Man was a collaboration of Master P featuring Mia X, Mo B. Dick and Silkk the Shocker.

Ice Cream Man is an incredibly dope album and the title track is a classic. This track came out well before the album because it was on several mixtapes. The local spot had a gang of mixtapes at the shop and the featured track were on several of them. Either way, check out the video above of the featured track. Where are all my Master P fans? What are your thoughts about his Ice Cream Man album? How about the Throwback Thursday track? Leave some feedback below about the track or anything related to Master P and No Limit Records.


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