Bicycle Cards and Games to Play During Quarantine

Bicycle Cards and Games to Play During Quarantine

Growing up, my dad always kept a deck of Bicycle cards at all times. My dad would either play solitaire in the kitchen or coffee table all the time. When I became a teenager, card games are what we played on those rainy days. We played Spades, Tunk, Blackjack, Gin Rummy and Poker. Since becoming a parent over 21 years ago, you can count on one hand how many times I’ve played cards. Honestly, I’ve never had the time between spending time with them, my wife and work. With them becoming older, I’ve got a lot of time now but unfortunately my two best friends have passed away. Recently, I’ve gotten more sets of Bicycle cards and it brought back memories. Bicycle also produce family games and hopefully we’ll get around to playing them one day.



Bicycle Cards and Games to Play During Quarantine

Hopefully, my kids follow my lead and fall in love with playing cards. It’s really difficult teaching them how to play cards because they have never played before. With new technology, there’s an app for everything and that includes playing cards. Gin Rummy, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, Solitaire and many other games are on the app. My wife says I’m just like my dad because now I’m sitting at the table in the dining room playing Solitaire. With so much time to myself nowadays, you’ll catch me playing cards when I’m not blogging.


Tattoo Stories

Bicycle Cards and Games to Play During Quarantine

If you’re hosting family members or a group friends, Tattoo Stories is the perfect game for you. This is a fun game that gets your creative juices flowing. Tattoo Stories gives you 3 minutes at a time to create the most compelling and creative tattoos. Each player has a dry erase board and marker on which to draw their tattoos. The “customer” chooses five cards, containing tattoo elements that should be included in their tattoo.


The Alpha

Bicycle Cards and Games to Play During Quarantine

The Alpha is a game of strategy and psychology. You will need to send your wolves to hunt in various regions of the forest and outnumber rival packs to become dominant in the area. Roll the dice for the region to determine the success of the hunt. But beware, if a rival pack is in the region you must decide to fight or share the food. You play 5 rounds and win by collecting the most food at the end.


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