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Daddy’s Hangout Presents Usher Greatest Hits


I haven’t done any compilations in a long time, so since I was just listening to this CD I made a few years back and alot of people liked it. I figured I’d share it. So here it is, I’m a huge fan of Usher, not really of his new stuff, but I’m still a huge fan of his. If you’re looking for any new music on this CD, you’ll be upset. This is around the time after Confessions was released. But I hope you enjoy it.




1. U Got It Bad

2. Confessions II

3. U Make Me Wanna

4. Yeah!!! ft. Lil Jon & Ludacris

5. U Remind Me

6. Super Star II

7. Burn

8. Nice & Slow

9. Can U Help Me

10. U Don’t Have to Call

11. My Way

12. Bad Girl

13. Super Star

14. Throwback

15. Truth Hurts

16. Can U Handle It

17. Slow Jam ft. Monica

18. Simple Things

19. I Will

20. That’ What It’s Made For



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