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New Track from Lambo Lou Called Pull Up

Lambo Lou

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Lamborghini Lou released his new debut single Pull Up produced by HyerThaHitman. The new single, Pull Up is a reflection of the East Atlanta artists’ blend of Hip Hop, Backpack rap, Dab Music and Trap into what he would describe as “Bouldercrest Finesse Muzik”. Lambo Lou’s lyrical schematics have likeness to artists such as T.I., Future, Big Sean, B.O.B., J.Cole with twist of southern playalistic charm and a smooth city-slick tone to compliment Lambo’s fast-tempo cadence. This is where ATL meets Garden State which embodies Lambo’s original sound.

Pull Up is not only a showcase of Lamborghini Lou’s lyrical penmanship, but also to pay tribute to Atlanta’s famed hustla culture that has caught national attention with its dirty south go-getter flair. Lamborghini Lou grew to know firsthand what it takes to get it out the mud, leaving a group to focus on his solo career and building his fan base from the ground up after a short hiatus from the independent game. The late DJ Nando believed that Lamborghini Lou would break through in the music scene and gave him one on one advice on what Lambo’s next moves should be on his journey to being Atlanta’s next breakthrough artist.

Lamborghini Lou’s team is preparing to release Southeast tour dates for the artist in the weeks to come as anticipation builds for the release of his new single. Pull Up is available for purchase at iTunes, Google Play, Tidal and Spotify now.

Lambo Lou

Please get in touch with Kay Crawford at for booking performances, interviews, or promo copies of Pull Up from the All Gas-No Brakes EP. (unreleased)


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Lambo Lou

Artist Biography

Lamborghini Lou was born February 2nd on the east side of Atlanta most notably known as zone six. Music has always been a family affair with Lambo’s cousin, Jon Clark, being the lead guitarist for music icon, Michael Jackson for over 28 years since The Bad Tour. And His grandmother Tempy M. Hoskins-Clark, was also an esteemed chorus and piano instructor who trained artists such as Marvin Sapp, Al Green and The Debarges in the early stages of their career.

Surrounded by heavy influences, Lamborghini Lou took an interest in music as early as three years old that his mother noticed. In his youth, Lamborghini Lou recalls visits from family friends in the industry who held his family in high regard. Lambo had the opportunity to see the likes of Michael Jackson, Al Green, Marvin Sapp and countless others walk through his family home which motivated him to pursue what he feels is a part of his DNA: music.

At fourteen years old, Lambo and group mate Billy Hard Blvd were a hip hop duo creating their first two songs “Bye Far” and “Who is Jones”. The young teens were performing and promoting independently when they managed to create a buzz that would spike the interest of Brian Chesson who gave the rap duo a music management deal where they were able to experience tour life with major music artists such as Usher, Aaliyah, Cee-Lo Green and Mary J. Blige.


IBNX Radio:

                        “You are up next… that’s real music! “

Cee-Lo Green:

                                    “Meet you at the top!”

Jason “Poohbear” Boyd:

                                    “ You have got [it] man, turn up and take off!”


Although the deal fell through for the rap duo, this allowed Lamborghini Lou to branch off as a solo artist and have full creative control over his music career as an independent artist.

“There is nothing better than being your own boss and having hands in every aspect of my [music] career.”

“Lamborghini  Lou has a distinguished voice that he wants to bring to the forefront of the music industry while dancing across beats armed with only wordplay and charisma. Media Monsterz ATL gives Lamborghini Lou’s Pull Up  Hot New Music stamp of approval!”

This is a track that I know you’ll love, it’s Daddy’s Hangout approved and something you can bump in the whip, with the homies, around the house or at the barber shop. Check it out below, then head to the comments section and give me some feedback.


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