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Declutter the “Man-Zones” This Weekend


If you are decluttering the “man-zones” for Spring Cleaning, giving yourself a day may be too limited, but in one weekend? Well, that may seem like a limited amount of time, too, but it can be done! You just have to know what to do and what not to do and this handy guide can get you decluttered in no time.


Recruit help for big jobs, and get alone time for jobs that will take more time with more people. How do you know the difference? Are you unsure of the items stored away in the garage or lockup storage and if it’s worth keeping them? Then get help from someone who knows. Is this your space and getting help would result in you having to explain items to the helper? Then do it alone.

-Clear the space fully, then clean the empty space. You want to have a clean slate to work with.

-Install or fix any storage shelving you need. You do not want to try to organize the space if your organization system doesn’t work properly.

-Move in the big items. You want to have the large pieces that you know you are keeping in place before you bring in anything small.

Bring in the small items next. Make sure you put them where they need to go, and clean them as you put them away. As you place things in their proper spot, purge. Purge as you go along so you are not wasting time deciding what goes and what stays, then putting things away. If you have not used it in more than 6 months, or if it is broken and you know you are not fixing it, get rid of it!


-Try to clean the spaces in one day. You will more than likely lose interest in the project. Instead, give yourself a few days to do the cleaning.

-Expect perfection. You don’t live on a designer TV show. Be realistic about what is good enough and settle for the fact that you live in and use this space- it will never be perfect.

-Do not move on until one task is done. You will not complete tasks if you get confused on your list. Complete one task fully before moving on.

Buy things. Do NOT buy a single thing until you have cleared, cleaned, purged, and organized. Only then will you have a realistic idea of what you actually need to complete your space.

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