Long Journeys with the Kids
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5 Tips For Making Long Journeys With The Kids

It’s unavoidable, at some point you are going to have to make a long trip with the whole family in tow. To make sure it’s as comfortable as possible for them, and as calm as possible for you check out my tips below.

Long Journeys with the Kids


Firstly, the key to a long journey with little ones is entertainment. Take a range of things, including DVDs if you have an in-car player. I recommend coloring books, reading books, puzzles and small play sets for the younger ones. Headphones will also save your sanity if you don’t want to hear the same Disney movie 20 times. Keep hold of the activities in the front and dish them out at intervals to stop the kids getting bored and the car getting messy.

Safety and comfort

Long Journeys with the Kids

It’s paramount that your kids are safe and comfortable on the trip. If you are traveling with really young kids, you’ll want to get them a comfortable and safe car seat for the journey. Some car seats are not designed to grow with your child and may not be as safe for very young children. Check out this article to establish the best baby convertible car seat for you needs. Also, make sure that the child locks are on in the back of the car, so the kids can go to sleep again the door if necessary. Taking pillows and a travel blanket will make this more comfortable for them.


No long journey is complete without some snacks. While it’s important to keep fueled and hydrated as traveling can be tiring, it also breaks the journey up and keeps the kids amused. Pre-packed snack like cheese, chips and pretzels are always a good idea. Don’t forget to take some fruit that the kids can easy feed themselves in the back without too much help from you.


Whether you are making your trip in the winter or the summer, it’s critical that you take enough rest breaks, when you are making a long journey. It’s very easy to get tired, and that’s when accidents happen. Makes sure you stop every few hours, get out the car and stretch your legs. Its also important that the kids get the chance to use the restroom and get a bit of fresh air in between the each stage of the journey.

Stops on the way

An excellent way of breaking up a long car journey is to schedule in some interesting stops along the way. Use roadtrippers.com to discover weird and wonderful roadside locations all across America. Try the Amityville Horror house or the Spam Museum! Breaking the trip up in this way means everyone starts the next leg of the journey refreshed and makes it a lot easier on the kids. Don’t forget that you will probably be able to grab a bite to eat at a diner, in these locations. So take advantage of this, to stop you from getting hungry in the middle of nowhere later on.

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