Inspire Your Kids
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School’s Out! How to Inspire Your Kids to Learn New Things at Home

Every Dad is expected to have some kind of hidden power. Whether it’s an uncanny ability to solve problems or a handy set of tools that can fix any electronic device, you have some kind of talent that your kids will marvel at. When your children are growing up, they’ll look to you as inspiration for their own futures. If you’re a chef, then your kids will love to mimic you in the kitchen and might even grow up to be a fine cook themselves! If you’re a well-groomed businessman, then they’ll jump on toy laptops and pretend they’re in your shoes. Whatever your kids decide to do in the future, it’s important that you become the role model dad that they need.

Inspire Your Kids

Teach Your Kids

Children love to play with their parents. Join them when they play with their toys, play video games with them, and watch movies together. The most important thing to do is teach your kids as you play and interact with them. Tell them how the controller for the video game works, teach them how to play, and show them the best strategies to use. If you’re doing a puzzle together, then teach them how you approach solving it, and let them work out their own methods. Don’t just head straight to school textbooks and start reading off the pages. Get involved with their homework and make learning fun for them. Children learn faster and more efficiently when it’s from their parents or friends, so be the teacher that your kids always wanted and start teaching!

Inspire Your Kids

Let Your Kids Watch You Work

Whether you’re on the laptop typing up business documents and blogs, or in the workshop fixing up your car, get your kids involved (as long as it’s safe!) and have them watch you work. Kids learn well by imitating others, and they’ll get a good insight into their dad’s working life if they’re allowed to watch you work. Some companies do a “take your kids to work” day, and it could be a great opportunity to show your kids your office or workplace. If you’re doing something like repairing your phone and your kids want to watch, then tell them what it is you’re doing. Use easy to understand words and explain the parts of the phone, the tools, and let them help with easy tasks. Cheer them on when they help you and encourage them to get interested and learn as many things as they can. Children are curious creatures, and they’ll be willing to learn almost anything as long as it interests them.

Show Interest in Their Hobbies

No matter what your kids decide to do for a hobby, make sure you show interest. Look online for guides and advice from parents in your own situation, and get involved with whatever tasks and activities they do. If your children like video games, then learn the lingo, play with them, and buy them games—just make sure they don’t forget to study! If your children like painting and drawing, then get them starter sets and create some art alongside them.

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