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How to Have a Daddy-Daughter Date for Valentine’s Day

Daddy Daughter Date

Daddy-daughter dates are a fun way to show your daughter how much you love her, give her your undivided attention, and teach her how she should be treated when on a date. Plus, it’s a sweet way to make memories with your baby girl. She is only little for so long! This Valentine’s Day, don’t eave out the other woman in your life- your little girl. Treat her to a date that she will never forget.

Stat the date with flowers. If you would bring flowers to your wife, your daughter deserves the same. She needs to know that no matter how young or small she is, she is worth the effort. Flowers can make anyone smile, and all little girls love pretty flowers.

Dress up! Don’t just take her out in a pair of jeans and sneakers. You would put effort into your appearance if you were to go on a real date, so do the same for your daughter. And have her dress up, too. Little girls love dress up clothing, so getting dressed up for a real reason will make them extra happy.

Take her out to a restaurant. Little girls won’t care if the restaurant is five-star or a Chick-Fil-A. All they will care about is that it is a place out to eat with daddy. If finances or time won’t allow you to take her out to eat, set up a restaurant in your kitchen. You can set the table, candles and all, to look nice and beautiful, and then serve her favorite meal.

Be sure to give her the full treatment. Open doors, pull put her chair, help her cut her food. Whatever it takes to make her feel special and show her how a lady should be treated.

Talk to her! One of the best parts of the daddy-daughter date is being able to talk to your little girl. When she is three, her conversation may revolve around unicorns, crowns, tuts, frogs she saw in the garden, or her favorite animal. Listen carefully to every word and show interest. When she is fifteen, her conversation may revolve around boys, school, fears, doubts, and her future plans. If you listened carefully to her stories about kittens when she was three, she will be more likely to divulge stories about her friends when she is fifteen.

Give her a small Valentine’s Day gift over dinner. It can be a homemade bracelet, a new coloring book, or a large cupcake. Whatever your little girl likes, treat her to it for a sweet gift this holiday.

Send her a thank you note or text. Simply tell her thanks for allowing you to treat her to a wonderful date, and that you hope she had a great time. She will see that this was important for you, too, and not just something done for her.

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