Best Sports Apps for Busy Dads
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The Best Sports Apps for Busy Dads

Best Sports Apps for Busy Dads

Being a dad is awesome, but like most things in life, it also has its drawbacks. Before kids came along, you could settle down for an afternoon of tennis or NFL and enjoy an uninterrupted game. You were also free to check the latest match scores at any time of the day or night. But then your life became a whirlwind of activity, with very little respite other than the few hours you got to spend asleep in bed.

Fortunately, technology provides many solutions to a busy dad’s hectic life with kids. Just because a trip to watch a game of football is a rare event and it’s virtually impossible to enjoy an afternoon watching your favorite sport without kids climbing all over you, it doesn’t mean sport is lost to you forever. Thanks to apps for smartphones and tablets, you can now stay up to date with the latest action in real time, no matter where you are. Check the latest match results or place a cheeky bet on the English football league after reading a Ladbrokes review. The choice is yours. To help you decide which apps to try, here is a review of the best sports apps you need to try today.

CBS Sports

The CBS sports app for Android devices gives you the latest sports news from the international scene. The app can be personalized, so if you follow a specific team, program it for updates. You can also watch sports on any of the CBS channels, live.

Yahoo! Sports

Yahoo! Sports is one of the top sports news sites. It covers virtually every sport in the US and Europe, so whether you are a NFL fan or you keep track of the UK Premier League, you have it all at your fingertips once you download the Yahoo sports app. This app is free, but if prefer an ad-free experience pay to have the ads removed. You can program the app to send you notifications for pretty much anything. So if you want scores updates for NCAA football, set up alerts. This app is very customizable, so it’s perfect for avid sports fans.


ESPN is a big name in the world of sports, so the ESPN app is a good choice. Cable customers can watch ESPN TV matches live, but there are also podcasts for afternoons when you need entertainment while the kids are on a play-date. ESPN is a great source of sports news, but only from the ESPN channel.


TheScore app is available for iOS and Android. This app delivers the latest sports headlines, match scores, and if you are a number cruncher, match statistics. Sports geeks will love the statistical content – it’s great for anyone running a Fantasy Sports League. TheScore app also offers social integration, so share the latest news with your friends.


Are you a big fan of college sports? If so, the ScoreStream app is a good choice. It’s free for download from the Apple Store.

MSN Sports

MSN is a well-known news channel, so the MSN Sports app brings the latest sports news directly to your smartphone. It isn’t quite as intuitive as Yahoo Sports, but it provides solid stories and is worth a try.

Fox Sports

Again, Fox Sports is a well-known brand in the sporting world, so this is one app you may wish to try. The Fox Sports app provides a good selection of news stories, match scores, and you can program it to send you alerts.


Sports apps are the perfect antidote to stress, so try these apps out on your smartphone today!


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