Manscaping For Dummies


You may not have heard of manscaping but the chances are you are already fitting it into your daily routine. To manscape is to take control of some of the body fuzz we have.  Whether it’s the facial hair to the bush down there.  It’s all essentially the same thing. If you read magazines you may be confused as to what women want our bodies to actually look like.  For some they lust after the silky smooth chests of David Beckham or maybe Right Said Fred, depending on their age.  Others tend to crave a little bit of Tom Selleck or Burt Reynolds in their life.  The best idea is to forget the girls and style your chest wig in the way you choose.


You might be of an age where you question why anyone would want to remove hair from their body, because you are desperately trying to cling on to yours.  Unfortunately the hair on our heads grows a little bit differently to the hair on our backs.  So you may find you are popping a little bald patch whilst the rest of you is slowly turning into a bear.  Finasteride tablets for hair loss might help with the bald battle, but for the body fuzz, you’re going to have to get your hands dirty. Where do you begin? The best place is going to be your chest and back.  We don’t need to discuss the nether regions; you can get to grips with that by yourself.  So the first decision is are you going for silky smooth or a tidy man patch?


If you’re going with a completely shaven approach you are going to need a body groomer to trim first and then you’ll need a good razor.  Once you have your tools ready, half the battle is won. Visualize how you want yourself to look in the mirror.  You will always start with the groomer.  If it is your first time then set the trimmer to a higher length to ensure you get an even shape, then you can reduce the setting to get things smooth if you are keeping a little bit of your rug, then you need to make sure the length matches on your chest and your stomach.  Don’t go for the patchy look.  Start slowly and then move on.  It’s easy to take off, not so easy to grow back.


If you are going all in then set your guard to the lowest setting and just goes for it.  Maybe consider standing in the garden or in the bath and if you have a partner, ask them to help you out as there is no way you are going to reach your back.  Once you have hacked your way through the forest, you need to use your razor to smooth it out.  Use a moisturizer to help with razor burn for the first few months.  Then you could consider using an oil to moisturize your body with. It’s not rocket science but it does take a little practice to get it right.  Once you have mastered it, it’s time for your daily Diet Coke break.

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