Life Lessons Every Dad Should Teach Their Kids
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Life Lessons Every Dad Should Teach Their Kids

When you boil it all down, everyone is in control of the person they turn out to be. However, the way we were raised as kids certainly has a big impact on the adults we eventually become. Right now, even in the passive habits you have, you’re shaping the person your kids will eventually become. While every guy has their nuances, there are certain life lessons which every dad should pass onto their kids…

How to Lose Gracefully

You’ll probably agree that there’s a distinct lack of sportsmanship in the world, even among adults. If you think hard enough, you can probably think of at least one instance where you’ve been a bad loser at some time in your life. Try your best to make sure your kids don’t become bad losers themselves. A lot of this is leading by example, so try to tone it down the next time you see a heartbreaking loss for your favorite team on the TV! Aside from that, every time they play a sport, give your kid little prompts to shake hands with their opponents, praise the victor, drop any excuses for failure (unless they’re justified) and never blame their teammates. Being able to lose with dignity will not only help your kids make friends, but will also help them bounce back when life knocks them down.

The Beauty of the Great Outdoors

Life Lessons Every Dad Should Teach Their KidsThe population is growing, more and more houses are going up, and areas of stunning natural beauty are constantly shrinking all over the world. By the time your kids are full-grown adults, it will be harder than ever to go for a short drive and experience the beauty of nature in person, so try to encourage an appreciation for the great outdoors. Teach them how to identify poisonous plants, how to start a campfire, how to pitch a huge camping tent and how to bait and cast a fishing rod. If you grew up in a fairly urban area, perhaps you could do with learning a little more about nature yourself! With all the video games and technology kids are exposed to these days, it’s become more important than ever for parents to show them the beauty of nature, and teach them to appreciate the little things in life.

The Value of Giving

You may have heard the quote “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give”. If you say this to a six-year-old, they’ll probably just react with a blank stare. Still, you should make a point of encouraging your kids to give things away, and avoid too much attachment to material possessions. Most parents spoil their kids a little in the early years. You love them after all. Now, try to turn this around by teaching them generosity from an early age. Make sure your kid sees you putting change in charity boxes, prompt them to donate their unused toys to charity, or simply give them to their sibling. This will help to shape them into more selfless and caring adults.

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