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How to Convince Your Kids to Go on a Family Camping Trip

In the past, kids loved the idea of camping. Travelling to the great outdoors and playing with their friends and family in a field or in the woods was a lot of innocent fun. Sadly, that’s a pleasure that’s generally lost on children these days thanks to the entertainment they can get from something like a tablet device or a mobile phone. As unfortunate as it is, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get some fun out of a camping trip anymore.

However, convincing your children is another deal entirely. They might want to stay at home where their friends are, they might prefer playing video games to going outdoors, or they might not want to deal with the annoyance of going outdoors and camping in a cold and dark tent. Regardless of their reasons for wanting to stay home, here are a couple of ways to convince your kids (and perhaps your partner) to go on a camping trip and bond.

Family Camping Trip

Tell them they can take their phones and tablets

With 5G connections available and portable chargers, it’s possible to take along something like a phone or a tablet for entertainment. You can even get portable projectors and install a screen on the inside of the tent to watch videos, movies or listen to music while you’re in the outdoors. Although it sometimes takes away from the fun of being in outdoors, having some late-night entertainment prepared is better than sleeping early, and having their phones will help in case they get lost.

Show them some videos of the campsite

There’s no better way to convince your children to go than to show them what’s at the campsite. Try and get a video of the location you plan to camp in or show them a website of the location so they can get a good idea of what there is to do. Children often don’t like uncertainty, so let them see for themselves what they can expect when they go camping with you.

Take them to a campsite with lots of fun activities

Whether it’s fishing and cooking together or swimming in a safe lake, there are plenty of camping sites that offer fun and unique activities. Click to find out more if you want to learn about some incredible cooking equipment that you can take with you. You’ll be able to cook up delicious meals even in the outdoors, and if there’s a local hunting or fishing spot nearby then you’ll absolutely love cooking a fresh catch. Some campsites offer swimming lessons, some have playgrounds and others have lovely mountain hiking trails.

Let them take their friends

Your children might not like the fact they’re away from their friends during the holidays, so why not let them take their friends as well? It’s a fantastic way for them to bond with friends, and it makes the trip a lot more enjoyable for them because they’ll be able to converse and play with other children. You’ll have to get permission from their parents, but there’s nothing wrong with inviting them as well.

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