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Handy Hobbies To Take Up With Your Own Two Hands

There are the adverts out right now by Snickers, being run on TV,  print and the radio – they state that ‘you are not you when you’re hungry’ and thus by biting into a Snickers bar, you’ll be back to you. Well, what about something different? What if you aren’t you without your hobbies? Without something to do, without your interests. It’s arguably true. Our interests and activities outside work and education come to define us in a way that not much else does. Cooking, reading and other hobbies form a big part of our spirit and who we are. We aren’t us if we don’t do anything with our spare time.

Why are hobbies so important? Well, as we have already stated – they do go a long way to defining us. We are what we do. If you play soccer, that’s you – if you devour books, that’s you. Hobbies define you and are a huge makeup of our lives. You are your hobbies and the activities you perform. Hobbies are also a large distraction, and anyone who works a tough job will tell you in no easy words on just how important a distraction is. Something that allows your mind to escape stress is incredibly important in modern life, and you can certainly find that in a hobby – a moment to breathe and escape.

Hobbies can also be very beneficial in building skill sets, knowledge and skills. Playing instruments, coding, developing, creating and doing all sorts of things in your spare time can fill your head with real world skills that can be utilized in your career. Hobbies can lead to career paths as well, sometimes.

If you’re currently without a hobby, or something to get your head down and do in your spare time, you can feel a bit lost. No worries, though. As per usual, we are here to help – we’ve got a fantastic list of fantastic handy hobbies that you can get to grips with right away. Some take time, but what hobby doesn’t? Some will cost you as well – in tools and equipment, but again – what hobby doesn’t? If you want to have a little bit of fun in your life, it will cost you – so entertain the fact that you will have to spend a little bit of cash if you want to do something with your spare time.


Handy Hobbies

Woodworking is a timeless hobby, but to get any good at it – you’re going to have to spend a lot of time behind a saw and a plane. Woodworking is a simple hobby that can be completed relatively fast, or one that can take time. Whatever you put into it, you’ll get back – though. You can start simple with a chisel and a bit of twig – or you can get to grips with having a full workshop. Creating trinkets to creating furniture, it can all be done with woodworking. Use resources like WoodworkingFuel.com if you want to take woodworking seriously. Get the right tools and enjoy bending wood to create the objects of your imagination.


Handy Hobbies

Less intensive (when you’re not kneedeep in a Battlefield 1 session!), but just as engaging – try gaming! You’ll need a good setup if you want to console game, but PC gaming can be pretty cheap. You’ll need a computer for PC gaming, but for console gaming, you’ll need a HD TV along with a games console. Right now, the PS4 Pro is king and is relatively cheap, however, the XBOX One X is around the corner. Our choice is the PS4 Pro, it’s cheaper and is powerful, you’ll get more bang for your buck. If you want a hobby to be a real distraction, try gaming.


Handy Hobbies

Yes, we’ve bracketed them all together. Getting out and about and enjoying, or enduring, some team competition is perhaps the best thing you could do for your mind and body. It’s a great distraction, allows you to build conundrum-solving abilities and team-working skills, and also keeps you in great shape (barring any injuries of course). Trying your hand at sports like soccer, softball, football, golf and other things keeps you out of the house, helps you stay stress-free and will keep you in good health. You’ll need to stump up gym fees, membership fees, travel costs, the costs of equipment and all of that, but having an active role in a sport is a great hobby to get involved with.


This is an especially fun hobby if you have a flair for presentation, some good wit, and especially if you have kids that you can wow with some tricks. Learning card tricks, picking up on the secrets of the trade like using invisibleinkcontactlenses.com, and working on your physical dexterity and slight of hand abilities can be an excellent way to feel a sense of progression and improvement. Plus, if you work on magic enough, you can start to see behind how some of the world-class magicians do their things and, if you spend enough time, you might even be able to develop your own tricks.


If you do anything, do something! Get involved with a hobby.

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