Boston versus Cleveland in 2018 NBA Eastern Conference Finals:
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Boston versus Cleveland in 2018 NBA Eastern Conference Finals

Boston versus Cleveland in 2018 NBA Eastern Conference Finals:

I’m guessing many of you thought Philadelphia would advance past Boston to get here.  Don’t feel bad because I was caught up in the hype and looked past the depleted Celtics team. My focus should’ve been on the best coach in the league and that’s Brad Stevens. Brad Stevens put together the plans, but guys like Jayson Tatum and Terry Rozier have stepped up in a major way during the playoffs. On the other side, I thought Toronto would show up and make it a compelling series against Cleveland. Instead, Lebron continued to debate of him versus Michael Jordan, plus Dwane Casey was fired. For the record, this debate makes me change channels because I hate it and the Casey firing was BS. We have the young and hungry Celtics trying to dethrone the ruler of the Eastern Conference to advance to the Finals.

Boston versus Cleveland in 2018 NBA Eastern Conference FinalsBoston versus Cleveland in 2018 NBA Eastern Conference FinalsBoston ended the process in five games to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals. Cleveland swept the top-seed in Toronto to get to the Eastern Conference Finals. Boston was the last team to beat Lebron in the Eastern Conference playoffs and that happened in 2010. Lebron has been playing like a man possessed as he’s averaging 34 points, 9 boards and 9 assists in the playoffs. It’s crazy to think Indiana almost eliminated this team in the first round. Boston faced a tough first round opponent in Milwaukee as it took seven games to bounce the Bucks. Lebron has been the talk of the league, but Kyle Korver, Kevin Love and J.R. Smith stepped in the last series. George Hill also played well and continues to be that veteran presence the Cavs need. Will all those minutes Lebron has played haunt him in this series?

With the Boston Celtics, Al Horford has clearly been their leader throughout the playoffs. Horford has faced Lebron 16 times throughout their careers and he has only won one game. Of course, this is a different team and times for Horford. Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, Terry Rozier and Jayson Tatum have balled out during the playoffs. Like many, the Philadelphia 76ers were the team that could beat the Cavs, but the Celtics showed me something different. With the coaching of Brad Stevens and the play of the young guys, this should be a very compelling and interesting series. While Marcus Morris said he’s looking forward to checking Lebron, he’ll be one of many guarding James. In the end, it’s hard for me to pick against Lebron James, especially with no Kyrie or Heyward. I’m rolling with the Cavs to advance to the Finals after an epic 6 or 7 game series. Do you think Boston will beat Cleveland, visit Novibet Sports and see if you can win some money.

Cleveland Wins and Advance to the NBA Finals


Who do you have advancing out of this series? Who do you want to advance out of this series? Do you think Boston has a chance in beating the Cavs? Leave a comment below about anything related to the Cavs, Celtics or Lebron.

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