How Screen Recording Can Be Useful for Dads
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How Screen Recording Can Be Useful for Dads

How Screen Recording Can Be Useful for Dads

At first glance screen recording may not seem like it has anything specific to offer your average dad. Sure it can be used to create things like how-to guides – but considering you’re probably busy juggling work, kids, and household responsibilities, the idea of creating video guides likely isn’t a priority. What you should realize however is that screen recording allows you to do more than just create how-to guides – it allows you to record the contents of your screen. That simple fact opens up a number of possibilities that could be very useful for any dad.

Save Content Your Kids Enjoy

As most modern-day dads know all too well, nothing is better at distracting a kid and getting them to sit quietly for a few minutes than a well-timed video. Odds are you already have content lined up that you know your kids like to watch – just in case you ever need it. Considering most of the online videos that your kids enjoy consist of online streaming videos: What’s your plan if your internet is down or you’re someplace with a dodgy connection? Rather than being left high and dry, wouldn’t it be better if you could save the videos that your kids enjoy and keep them on your smartphone or tablet? That is one of the ways that screen recording can be useful for dads, as it will enable you to record any video content directly from your screen and save it.

Don’t Miss Out On Your Favorite Livestreams

Interested in watching a Facebook Live video that is going to air soon? Is your favorite sports event being livestreamed and you want to tune in to follow the action? Like all best laid plans it is safe to say that there’ll be many situations where you want to watch a live event but can’t because other responsibilities demand your immediate attention. Instead of missing out completely however, screen recording will let you have the option of recording the livestream and watching it later. If you’re interested in saving your favorite livestreams, you should try to find a screen recorder with a timer or the ability to schedule the recording. That way you won’t need to manually start or stop recording – which is doubly useful.

Store Precious Moments from Video Calls

If you’re away from your kids due to your work odds are video calls may be one of the few times that you get to see them. While no one needs to tell you how precious those moments are – what if you could save them? Just like other content, screen recording will give you the means to save and store precious moments from video calls. Considering Google Hangouts, Skype, and other platforms don’t have that option – it is really your best bet. On top of that you should be aware that you can use it to save any other important video calls as well – such as business meetings or conference calls. By this point you should be starting to see how screen recording could prove useful to dads such as yourself. It is safe to say that with the option to save anything that you want from your screen, you’ll find other uses for it as well.


In short why not give it a try for yourself, and see if you come up with any other creative uses that could make life more convenient or help you manage your kids?

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