How To Ensure A Safe Car for Your Family
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How To Ensure A Safe Car for Your Family

How To Ensure A Safe Car for Your Family

Accidents are a reality that can happen to anyone at any time. A change in the weather, a sudden unanticipated move by a motorist, a blown-out tire, or falling asleep at the wheel regularly lead to fatal accidents. For this reason, it is important that you take measures to ensure the safety of your family and carry out the preventative maintenance that makes your vehicle fit for low-risk travel. However, when it comes to automotive safety, you may not have a lot of flexibility after you purchase a vehicle because some vehicles are considerably safer than others. Nevertheless, let us discuss the various safety strategies below.

Why is Vehicle Mass so Important?

The mass of your vehicle may be one of the strongest indicators of how safe it is and how well it will hold up in an accident. This is because a heavy-duty vehicle will be able to absorb more force from an impact without crushing the occupants inside. After Mercedes-Benz engineered crumple zone technology to absorb the impact of vehicles involved in crashes, the engineers began to make vehicles lighter and flimsier for cheaper production costs and lower emissions.

What Happened to Vehicle Bumpers?

If you notice, cars don’t have big sturdy bumpers anymore. This is because the frame of the vehicle is designed to crumple, like stepping on an aluminum soda can, on impact. The hidden bumper bars are filled with explosives and shoot outward to repel the impact forces even further. This dissipates the explosive energy of shock wave force from transferring to the occupants of the vehicle. While this technology sounds good on paper and works great for their head-on lab collisions where vehicles hit a brick wall, a vehicle with lower mass is more easily destroyed.

Why is it Safer to Drive a Larger Vehicle?

Mixed collisions are occurring more frequently and the cause of more serious injuries. In mixed collisions, diverse types of vehicles are involved that a compact car is not designed to protect against. The bulk trajectory of the impact may come down upon them from the roof rather than at bumper level if a large SUV hammers into a small car. German manufacturers have been increasing the tensile strength of their vehicles with exotic steel alloys that even the jaws of life tool, typically used by fire departments, cannot penetrate.

What is the Safest Vehicle?

Volvo and a few others have designed vehicles with zero fatalities attached to them. If you want safety, Volvo is famous for focusing on safety. They made a famous advertisement where they stacked a dozen Volvo’s on top of each other to emphasize the reinforced roof strength. The late-model vehicles also have a lot of exceptional internal safety features to boast. Of course, Mercedes-Benz has always been a pioneer in safety technology and offer some competitive advantages. Nevertheless, driving a sturdy family size SUV or extended-cab pickup truck from Volver Brisbane may offer greater advantages when it comes to mixed collisions and disadvantages when falling asleep and hitting a tree.

What Can I do to Improve the Safety of Any Vehicle?

When it comes to the safety of your vehicle, you want to ensure that your car, truck, or SUV, drives like a new model. This means that you carry out an exceptional level of preventative maintenance. Changing your tires every five years, regardless of treadwear reduces the risk of suffering a blowout at high speeds. Rubber dry rots and changes at a molecular level as it ages and undergoes temperature changes over time. A lot of the rubber parts in your vehicle begin to degrade in the same manner after the five-year mark and should be checked frequently.

Headlights and Taillights

It is important to have your headlights properly aligned and satisfactory brightness to see clearly during night driving. There is nothing more dangerous than driving blindfolded. Driving with headlights that are not properly aligned or that have oxidized and dulled the range of visibility is a huge handicap. Ensuring that all your lights are working protects you from the confusion of accidents where other vehicles do not see the signal that you are braking or turning.

Safety Seats

Always ensure that your children are restrained in the proper safety seats and that there are no objects near them that can be thrown forward to distract you. Distractions are a leading cause of accidents. This means that you should never be talking on your cellphone and should expend minimal effort to any activity with your peripheral vision while keeping your eyes scanning around you at all times.

Brakes and Rotors

Brakes are paramount to accident prevention. It is inexpensive to purchase upgraded slotted rotors and higher quality brake pads that allow you to stop on a dime. One key advantage of slotted rotors is that they dissipate rain better to obtain better grip in wet weather. They cool better and are less likely to warp. While they may wear down pads quicker, once you have driven with high-quality slotted rotors, you will always want them in your vehicle.


Aside from replacing them every five years, as mentioned above, it is important to invest in high-quality tires. They will improve the handling of your vehicle in all weather conditions. Tires specially designed to channel out water can save your life from hydroplaning if you get caught in a storm. Keeping your tire pressures at the proper inflation PSI ratings listed on your door jamb will help you obtain the ideal handling you need to navigate your vehicle safely in any situation.


Heavily tinted windows or cheap aftermarket glass can impair visibility and make it difficult to drive safely. Always ensure that you have clear visibility all around your vehicle by adjusting your mirrors and cleaning your windows for ultimate transparency. A clean set of windows should look nearly invisible and leave you guessing of whether the window is rolled up or down. The window cleaners available in auto parts stores and some crumpled up newspaper to remove any streaks do the best job.

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