Peep The Amazing Sports Themed Flowers

Peep The Amazing Sports Themed Flowers

One thing my wife loves and that’s flowers. Whether I’m sending them to her at work or surprising her at home, it doesn’t matter. During this time of the year, we’re also battling over football teams. My family are Atlanta Falcons fans and I’m a long-time die hard Philadelphia Eagles fan. Recently, we discovered the best of both worlds for my wife. Sporticulture is the perfect place where flowers meet sports. Whether you have a favorite NFL or college team, Sporticulture got you covered. The plants are very easy to take care of and you’ll love them. When unpacking, carefully life the plant out by pulling up the protective paper sleeve. Afterwards, remove the sleeve by tearing from the bottom up, along the seam. Every plant comes with these instructions to help protect it.

Peep The Amazing Sports Themed Flowers

If you’re going to keep your plant outside, place them in a sunny area with some afternoon shade. If you happen to have warm weather, make sure you water it every day. When you water it in the morning, make sure you water it really well. If you’re wanting to keep your plant blooming, make sure you fertilize it every 2-3 weeks. Since we keep ours indoors, we keep ours in a bright sunny area. If you’re too busy to water it, place a couple of ice cubes in it daily. Everyone know that I’m a jokester, so this was another joke that was done on my family. Even though they’re Atlanta Falcons and Georgia Bulldogs fans, the plant I got was the Philadelphia Eagles one. My wife loved the flowers, but hated the fact that she didn’t receive the Falcons or Bulldogs one.

What do you think about the team themed flowers? Which one would you choose? What do you think about this concept? Leave a comment below about the flowers and which one you want.


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