5 Possible Destinations for Nick Foles in 2019
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5 Possible Destinations for Nick Foles in 2019

5 Possible Destinations for Nick Foles in 2019

Look who’s back in the playoffs again this year. After the Eagles blanked the Washington Redskins on the road, Chicago beat Minnesota and that allowed the Eagles back into the playoffs. As an Eagles fan, I’ll admit that the playoffs didn’t cross my mind after we were beat down by the Saints. My thinking was that the finishing touches were put on when Dallas beat us for the second time. The Eagles showed the heart of a champion by traveling to Los Angeles to beat the Rams and at home upsetting the Texans. When Carson Wentz went down with the back injury, it seems like the Eagles were giving up the season. Of course, a familiar face had other ideas and that was none other than Nick Foles.

When Carson Wentz went down last season, all Foles did was guide them to the Super Bowl. On that run, he was spectacular, and he even captured the Super Bowl MVP. While some were surprised at how Foles played, but let’s not forget how he played in his first run with the Eagles. In 2012, Foles finished the season with 27 TDs, 2 INTs and a Pro Bowl MVP. The big question now is, where will Nick Foles be playing in 2019? The Eagles could lock him up for another year, but he’ll have options.

Philadelphia Eagles

As mentioned above, Philadelphia could bring him back seeing Carson Wentz is still on his rookie deal. The Eagles could pay him $20 million and with Wentz making $9 million, that’s not a lot invested in 2 quality QBs. Philadelphia could also put the Franchise Tag on Foles and use that to trade him. With the recent health issues with Wentz, this is something the Eagles could explore. Nick Foles is playing like a starter and for all he’s done in Philadelphia they’ll have extensive talks to him about his future.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Blake Bortles experiment haven’t been great down in Jacksonville. Bortles had a couple of great runs here and there, which include the playoffs last season. Outside of that, Bortles failed to live up to expectations and the Jaguars even inked him to an extension after last year. Nick Foles would be an idea replacement as he can make timely throws and don’t turn the ball over a lot. If Jacksonville fix the situation with Leonard Fournette, they also have Carlos Hyde to lean on in the running game. We all know that the Jaguars have a top flight defense, but they stay on the field too much. Nick Foles is still a young guy as he’ll turn 30 at the end of January. Jacksonville could at least sign him to a 4 or 5-year extension and make another Super Bowl run.

Denver Broncos

Let’s be honest, the Broncos haven’t had the best of luck when it comes to the QB position since Peyton Manning. They have gone through many and even signed Case Keenum through free agency. The Broncos missed the playoffs again and it’s likely going to cost their coach his job. Denver traded Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders got hurt, but they have some young WRs with potential. The running game should be good for years to come with Philip Lindsay leading in the backfield. On the defensive side, the Broncos still have Von Miller and they drafted Bradley Chubb to rush the passer on the other side. Denver can start to turn around their fortunes with a quality QB and Foles could be that guy.

Washington Redskins

This may shock some people seeing the Redskins are in the same division as the Eagles. With the horrific injury to Alex Smith, Colt McCoy getting injured and Josh Johnson not being the answer, Washington will be in search of a new signal caller. Washington should have Derrius Guice, whom they drafted last year and could bring back Adrian Peterson. The defense is still one of the better ones in the league, but with the offense can’t stay on the field. Nick Foles could come in and change the whole culture and bring in a championship vibe. We all know that the Redskins management will spend money on players they like, I’m sure the fans would love to see this.

Where do you see Nick Foles playing in 2019? Where would you like to see him play in 2019? What do you think about the potential destinations named above? Do you think the New York Giants is a possibility? Leave some feedback below regarding the future of Nick Foles.

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