7 Ways to Support Your Wife and Family After Having a Baby
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7 Ways to Support Your Wife and Family After Having a Baby

7 Ways to Support Your Wife and Family After Having a Baby

Having a baby is a completely new experience for both parents, it can be joyful yet overwhelming at the same time, especially for the mom. Besides having the tiny bundle of love to care for, women undergo drastic changes during this time and providing her with assistance goes a long way. In order to ensure that the new mommy is functioning at optimal level, it is a great idea to provide her with a lot of support. Dads who are involved can help the mom overcome these first couple of months after baby arrives. There are many ways fathers can be a significant help.

Be Supportive Emotionally

Child birth can bring many emotions, women’s hormones are all over the place and the mom can feel happy at one moment, yet sad the next. Some women experience postpartum depression which is a state of depression after childbirth, some women overcome it quickly, while some women take longer. So, it’s important for her partner to make sure mommy is in good mental health. Being open to listening without judging and lend a crying shoulder is needed is something dads can do. This helps the new mom know that she can openly communicate how she feels.

Help Around the House

The new baby will be taking most of the mommy’s time and attention. Babies need 24 hour care and the rest of the house duties will become second place, so the dishes will pile up, the clothes will not get washed as often. Helping around the house is one of the best way’s dads can support the new mom. This involves washing clothes, cooking, and cleaning. This might include picking up groceries. Cooking easy meals is excellent. If you have to go to work, then prepare things before you go. If fathers do not know how or what to help in, then ask, “How can I help?”

Take Turns Caring for the Baby

Caring for the baby is a lot of work and it can lead to feeling smothered by baby duties. Dads can give assistance in a big way by taking turns feeding the baby, changing the diaper, singing songs or pushing baby in the stroller. Taking turns to care for the baby is a crucial time for dads because they can start building that special bond with the baby as well. The baby will recognize who their daddy is and learn how their voice sounds. Making sure your baby is safe in a functional and strong pram is essential the baby’s well-being. You can find information functional and strong prams here.

Giving the Mommy Extra Time

As a new parent your sleep pattern will depend on your newborn and that leads you to having an interrupted sleep which can be led to being drained. Giving the mom time to nap will help her feel rejuvenated with energy. Giving time for the mother to take a long shower without interruptions is beneficial and revitalizing. Dads can help create this by taking care of what is needed while mom cares for herself.

Give Mom a Break to Go Out

If mommy is breastfeeding the baby, she will be attached to the new baby almost 24 hours during the first couple of weeks. First time moms can feel like they are in baby jail because it is a completely new life that they have now. Even though they love the bundle of joy, they need a break. Separating for a couple of hours goes a long way. Dads can be a tremendous help by giving mommy a break or getting a babysitting and having a date night is an effective way of continuing the bond as parents as well. This will help the mom not feel so smothered.

Wake Up at Night

Babies have shorter sleeping cycles and they may wake up 4 to 5 times at night. Sleep deprivation can lead to feeling physically and mentally exhausted, helping mom by taking turns waking up at night will help her not feel so tired throughout the day. Dads helping out and waking up to feed, change, and put baby to sleep is valuable. Change occurs in a few months, when the baby is on a sleep schedule and he or she will sleep longer through the night. Most babies are receptive to a sleep schedule around 6 to 8 weeks, a bedtime routine is essential to getting baby calm down and have a restful night.

Compliment Her

Beside the hormonal changes occurring after birth, a woman’s body changes after birth, especially for first time moms. Some women’s bodies are able to bounce back and shed the pounds, but some do not. The adjustment to physical change can be difficult for some women. For some stretch mark and loose skin become permanent part of the body. Complimenting her will help her see her new body in a positive way and not focus on the negative. Encourage her and let her know she is being a great mom.

Having a baby is a wonderful experience for both parents. Adding a new member to the family is splendid. The baby brings happiness yet taking care of him or her can be challenging, especially the first couple of months. Mothers need support during this time and dads can provide great assistance. Dads’ role is extremely important throughout this period and there are many ways they can be supportive and get involved.

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